Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekend Recap + Easter Buckets

This weekend was a good one! Friday started off a little stressful (more on that later), but everything else was pretty wonderful. I didn't make tons of pictures, so my apologies for that, but I wanted to recap anyway. 

On Friday afternoon right after school and Baby A left to go home, Terrell's mom came over to watch the boys for me so I could go to my hair appointment. It is a pretty big treat for me to have my hair done these days between finding an appointment and working things out with the boys, so mama was thankful! Little things really are big things. =)

After I got back home we all went out to eat Mexican together and had a great time. The boys are always happy to have their grandparents eat out with us. Whenever we mention going out to eat now they've started asking us who's coming with us and are disappointed if it's just going to be our little family of 5. Haha.

Saturday morning we slept in as late as we could before Terrell and Garrison left for batting practice and Austin and Layton played and I showered and attempted to clean the house some. We ate lunch at home and had naptime and rest time before getting ready for our date!

Around 3:30 Terrell and I dropped off the kiddos with my parents and we were off!! 

Our top priority was Easter shopping and we think we're done! Easter coming super early this year made Easter buckets a challenge! I feel like we got a lot of random stuff but hopefully it will all be used, played with, and enjoyed. (I'm sharing the contents of the boys' Easter buckets below.) 

We took a break from our shopping and running around to eat at Long Horn for supper because it just never disappoints. And it was sooo good! Eating a delicious meal at a great restaurant with the hubs... my fave!

(And my necklace, who lots and lots of people stare at and ask me what it stands for, says "G. A. L." It's for Garrison, Austin, and Layton. My 3 boys who put together make "GAL". =) It's Stella and Dot.)

The boys had a ball with Granna and Papa. They played outside all afternoon and then chose Waffle House for supper. Hahaha. We got home really late (for us!) and then I had to whip up something for Sunday School the next morning since it was our turn to bring snacks. So it was a really late night for this early bird! We had a great time on our date and laughed a lot and got all of our Easter shopping done. It was so fun! Thanks to Granna and Papa for their baby-sitting services!!

Sunday morning was pure craziness. CUH-RAY-ZEE. Sigh. The big boys and I finally made it to church around 8:20 so they could participate in the Palm Sunday service and it was really sweet. They followed Jesus into the sanctuary waving palm branches and walked each aisle in all 3 services. Austin did great even though he was a little intimidated. The service was wonderful and that made our crazy, stressful morning more than worth it.

Terrell took Garrison home early from church because he had a bad headache and just didn't feel like staying. And he loves church so we knew he wasn't faking or exaggerating. Thankfully he felt better after some Tylenol and lunch. Then we all had a really lazy Sunday afternoon and Terrell and I were even able to sneak in a nap. The best!! 

Then at 5:00, Garrison Cade had his last I'm a Christian Now class. Wooohooo! He really enjoyed the class and it was super special having Nana as his teacher, but it was a lot of work and a big commitment so we were thrilled to celebrate his completion and "graduation". =) We're praying that as Garrison grows so will his knowledge and love of Jesus. Luke 2:52 is my prayer for all of my boys.

Sunday night was super low key because we didn't have school on Monday. No laying out of clothes or making of lunches or preparing of book bags was a wonderful treat. Even though Terrell and I didn't have the day off, a day off of school for the kiddos is an big bonus for mama and daddy. We really loved our weekend and enjoyed it to the fullest!

And now for Easter buckets! Each year I like taking a picture of what we get the boys for Easter strictly for documentation and memory's sake. It's fun to look back on and to have as a reference and to possibly even give someone a last minute idea. This year's buckets were way more last minute than usual but I think they'll be well loved anyway. =)

We love practical gifts at Easter and we love anything small and fun that they will love... and that won't fall apart or break within 2 days. Ha! 

Garrison's and Austin's bucket contents are almost identical except for colors but we went with socks, flip flops, a graphic tee, a new toothbrush, a new cup for their bathroom and "toothbrusing", a Ninja turtle bowl, glow sticks that they can make into necklaces and bracelets, cool bandaids in a Transformer themed tin, a jump rope, a Ninja Turtle handheld fan, Quixels, and a mini basketball toy (this could be the item that doesn't last long, ha). 

Layton's bucket contents are a little smaller because he's only 2 and it's really hard to come up with small, fun and/or practical ideas for a newly turned 2 year old! So we ended up going with bubble bath, a Biscuit Easter book (Layton loves Biscuit), a new toothbrush and toothpaste, a Ninja Turtle handheld fan, flip flops, a graphic tee, socks, a Ninja Turtle bowl, and glow sticks. So lots of the same things as his big brothers with a couple of different things thrown in too. We'll be throwing in a few plastic eggs filled with jolly rancher jelly beans, a cadbury egg, skittles, and starbursts... and yogurt melts and teddy grahams for Layton. =)

Have a great Tuesday!!

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