Thursday, March 24, 2016


Currently we are in the midst of baseball, Easter, pollen, and all things Spring. It's a really busy and crazy time of year for us (especially with all we have going on this year between my duties as Preschool SS Director and an upcoming surgery.... eeeeshh!!.... and plans for going back to work for the upcoming school year) but it's also fun. And that's helping with the stress a lot. =) I LOVE Easter and the hope and celebration it brings and I love my boys playing baseball and the excitement of the upcoming season. Spring is always a little challenging for me but I'm trying to be intentional about a good attitude and a joyful heart because Spring brings lots of new and lots of fun. 

Now, time for an update on the details and happenings around here currently...

*Eating... Thursday nights have become pizza night. Both boys have an early practice at the same time and it's so easy (and cheap I might add!) to grab a "Hot and Ready" Little Caesar's pepperoni pizza on the way home from practice. =) I have Bible Study tonight so depending on rain we may all be eating at different times. Come on rain!

*Planning... We're planning quite a bit right now. Some good, some not. First up we have Easter and all of our weekend plans. We're hoping it rains before Easter so that egg hunts and Easter morning pictures and outfits aren't cancelled/messy/disturbed. I desperately want the rain for all of this thick pollen we have but it'd be great if Easter itself was dry. 

We're also planning for me to have surgery over Spring Break. My wonderful bestie/NP recommended I see an ENT due to the frequency and duration of my sinus infections and so after visiting the ENT twice plus having a CT scan, we've determined I need a septoplasty and a tonsillectomy. =( It was a very stressful and dreaded decision for me to make but I've prayed about it and consulted with my doctor and hubby/family TONS and decided it's for the best. I don't want to have to do it but it's necessary and will hopefully make a huge difference for me. Even though I'm not looking forward to it at all and I'm still a little stressed about it, I'm at peace with the decision to move forward with it and get it over with.

We're also trying to plan what we'd like to do for our anniversary coming up on June 4th. Last year we celebrated sort of small for our 10th anniversary because we were preparing to move and spending our money on new things for our new house. So this year was supposed to be something bigger in terms of a get-away... however we just discovered a little conflict with dates. Boo!! I have been super disappointed. Big time. I'm trying to get over it and be flexible and laid back... but honestly the pity party is still tempting. Ha. We're still planning to celebrate we're just not sure if we'll do a get-away or something different. Decisions, decisions.

*Loving... Watching my big boys play baseball, watching Terrell coach them, watching Layton grow and become closer and closer to his big brothers, weekends!, the new once a month Bible Study that's about to start that I can actually commit to, ice cream, grocery shopping during the week, my church, family time, and being back in the hometown. (Every holiday I'm reminded how thankful I am to be back!!) 

*Not Loving... POLLEN, falling behind on cleaning and clutter around here, fighting and/or arguing brothers (#headache), and not knowing exactly where I'll be teaching/working next year. We're still praying about what's best and asking God to open the doors to what we need. It's hard not knowing and waiting, especially for a major planner like me, but I'm learning patience and trust while we wait. 

*Watching... Terrell and I are watching all of our favorite shows whenever we can. We are still loving Blindspot and the new season of Survivor has been really good so far too. Plus we still love Scorpion, Hawaii 5-O, Blue Bloods, and Duck Dynasty. Our TV time has been cut waaay down due to later nights with baseball practice but we still have the best time watching shows together when we can. It's our favorite way to hang out and unwind. =)

*Reading... Right now I'm reading The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand. I really love her books and that the setting of them all is on Nantucket. They're just good, easy reads. I've also been reading through the Gospels lately and I'm almost done with Luke and ready to move into John. I've loved reading about the life of Jesus from different perspectives. After I finish John I'm not sure whether I'll move into Acts or go back to the Old Testament and maybe read Daniel?? 

*Trying... Not to become worried/stressed/worked up over the things mentioned above... surgery, job/going back to work, our anniversary plans, being SS director, etc. It's been a WHILE since anxiety and worry have been an issue for me but they've reared their ugly heads the past couple of weeks. Things have just felt really stressful around here. And our crazy busy schedule hasn't helped. Thankfully I'm starting to feel some peace and I can see God's faithfulness and answered prayers through all the craziness. 

*Hoping... For RAIN!! (Just not on Easter) And for a smooth and successful surgery AND recovery coming up next month!!

*Wanting... Rain to wash this pollen away, a dry or almost dry or partially dry Easter Sunday, our country to make the right decision for our next President, extra rest and sleep, and more down time for my family. 

*Needing... A job for the upcoming school year that provides for our family and is best for all of us when it comes to schedules, time apart, time together, job demands, and the effect it will have on each of us, a successful surgery and quick recovery, and the rest needed to get through all the busyness of this season!

  Whew! There's a lot going on around here and I think I've caught you up on it all! So thankful for this outlet and a place to write, share, and document our memories and life happenings, both big and small! 

Happy Thursday!

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