Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites: Finding Our Groove

This week we feel like we've finally started to find our groove. For the most part. YAY. This was our 3rd week of baseball and while the first two weeks were totally exhausting, a bit of a shock to the system, and lots of trial and error, this week we sort of settled in and figured some things out and have just about mastered the juggling act. Don't get me wrong, we're still pretty exhausted, but we feel a little more confident in the new routine and the busyness that comes with baseball life. So we are super excited about that and are hoping things keep getting better and better. And of course a little rain and some canceled practices thrown in wouldn't hurt either. (But don't tell the coaches or my husband I said that. Ha.) Even though this week was a lot better than last week, we are still soooo thankful it's Friday!!

Here's a look at some of my favorite happenings during our week of finding our groove...

 *Last Saturday morning we devoted to working on Garrison's upcoming school project... A habitat diorama! (The perfect project for our animal loving firstborn.) And it was a family affair... because you can't pull out paint and paintbrushes without including the little brothers. =) We made tons of progress and now it's almost 100% complete!!

*Saturday afternoon we had some shopping to do and dressed the boys in their new matching outfits from Granna. My heart times 3!!! (Austin isn't standing up straight so Garrison looks 10 and Layton looks humongous. Hahaha.)

*Tons of strangers stopped us and talked with us or complimented the matching cuteness. It may have been a record. =)

*Sunday afternoon goodness.... a break from playing to enjoy a bowl of ice cream. Yum. 

 *Spring training baseball after homework and play time. Love how much they love sports!

*I've taken Layton and A on a few morning walks this week which have been fun little workouts. And we've enjoyed watching our beautiful tree bloom! 

*We weren't living here last Spring so this was a surprise to us and one that we've all enjoyed. It's definitely made me love Spring (my least favorite season) a little more! 

*A little color sort with my baby. He's slowly but surely learning them! Ironically he knows white the best. (He had already found all of the white and put them in the barn.) I'd say blue is next.  

*A quick game night of Skip Bo for my big boys!

*This year for St. Patrick's Day I went a little more festive than normal. =) I used the printables Andrea from Momfessionals provided plus added a fun, festive, and GREEN breakfast. Since there were no green doughnuts to be found (#smalltownproblems) we went with green cupcakes instead in addition to our traditional bowl of Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast. 

*The printables were perfect! The extra special touch that's right up my alley. =) I just wrote in green and taped them to green cardstock I had leftover from Layton's picture display at his birthday party

*The big boys were super surprised and loved their special breakfast! Garrison read Austin's "Lucky to Have You" to him. =)

*I loved their sweet reactions and hearing them say thank you. They are always so appreciative of the little things. 

*Layton woke up later and was pretty excited too! I read him his note and cut up his cupcake so he could eat it with his spoon. Then I had to give him his cheerios and Nutri Grain bar because even a cupcake can't replace his regular breakfast. Haha. It was a fun and festive day for the whole fam!

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: Watching Terrell coach our big boys and their teams 3 nights a week. He really is the best coach ever! Even though the baseball season is running us ragged I love that Terrell is coaching their teams. Coach daddy is pretty worn out but wouldn't trade it for anything. My boys are BLESSED!

We are so thankful for Friday and the night off tonight!! This weekend we're looking forward to a hair appointment for me this afternoon (yay!), going out with Terrell's parents tonight, a date night and Easter bucket shopping tomorrow, Palm Sunday, down time, and extra rest! Have a great weekend!!

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