Monday, February 22, 2016

Layton's 2nd Birthday Party

We had a great time Saturday celebrating our baby boy's 2nd birthday! I think it's safe to say he LOVED the theme. We went with his favorite types of balls and he went on and on and on about the cake, balloons, and ball decorations I used at the party. Layton confirmed on Saturday that he is possibly the biggest fan ever of all kinds of balls, especially sports related ones. Ha! Yay for party theme success!!

My oh so talented bestie and personal graphic designer, Megan, did the invites for us and they turned out perfect. Layton definitely approved! =)

Traditional birthday party family pic! All 3 boys were so excited to get the party started!

For the first few birthday parties for each of the boys we just invite family (which can be a huge group!) and try to keep things laid back and simple. I still work overtime on the picture display of the birthday boy and coming up with decor that the guest of honor will love, but I *try* not to go crazy with anything. At least I don't think I did for this party. We got our cake lady to make some "ball cookies" for us to use as favors and I basically rounded up all the balls we had around here plus bought a few extra to put out as decorations. And that was it! Super cute, fun, simple, and just perfect for our birthday boy. 

I must have a picture display at at least the first 2 birthday parties. =) This time I did a little collage of Layton's 2nd year. I was going to try to make a banner to hang above it that said "Layton's 2nd Year" but then I wised up. Ha. 

I loved how it turned out. =)

The cake table!

The cake turned out PERFECT and Layton loved it! He loved all of the balls and he loved the way it tasted!! We went with half strawberry, half vanilla and now the boys are fighting over the strawberry leftovers. We might go with a full strawberry cake next time. =)

We set up an extra table in our foyer again and I just threw some green plastic table cloths on the tables and put a few balls into a basket and into a tin bucket and was done. 

Our birthday boy before the party started. 

Oh my heart. 

We had several cousins here for the party so Layton enjoyed lots of outside time with them... plus played with lots of balls. Of course. =)

After eating pizza for lunch and more time playing outside we opened presents. Layton was a little overwhelmed I think but he loved his gifts!! Literally every single one was perfect for him and something he will love and enjoy for a long time!

Immediately after opening presents we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed cake and ice cream. And this is when he was really overwhelmed. Ha! All of my babies have sort of looked at everybody like they are crazy when we've sang Happy Birthday to them at their 2nd birthday party. I guess 20 plus family members singing to you will do that. =)

Even though we'd practiced blowing out the candle and he'd done it before on his actual birthday, it wasn't meant to be this time. Believe me we tried. Like 10 times it felt like. Hahaha. 

We finally got the candle blown out and enjoyed lots of delicious cake and celebrating our sweet 2 year with our wonderful family. The whole party was a huge success and Layton seemed to love everything about it! It was a fun day for all of us and we are so thankful to our families for helping us celebrate our youngest member!

Happy Belated Birthday Layton Thomas Selph! We can't wait to watch you grow this year!!

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