Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites: Winter Break Edition

We have had ourselves a pretty wonderful Winter Break. While we've had our share of fighting, drama, and losing our minds, we've mostly had fun and savored our extra time together. Mostly. =) 

Even though we have a shorter summer compared to other schools around the country, I'm so, sooo appreciative of all of our breaks. They are SO needed. By parents and students alike! And of course by our wonderful teachers. I can't speak for everyone in our small town, or even our area who also follow a very similar school calendar, but I can say with 100% confidence that the Selph household is thankful for the weeks off throughout the school year. A time for more rest, more fun, less commitments, less work, less craziness. Ahhhh. It's something we look forward to and really love and appreciate about our school system. 

So. Here are my favorite happenings from one of our favorite weeks, Winter Break....

*This goes back to last Thursday before our break even started but my littles had the best time playing dress-up together while Garrison was at school. 

*Be still my heart. #thatface

*Friday afternoon Garrison was excited to show us what he'd written about us at school for Valentine's Day. Sweetness. 

*Ready to kick off our break together!

*Full of fun, full of crazy. =)

*Coloring at the table is a favorite and works out perfect for me now that Layton can join his big brothers!

We have had amazing weather this week and spent lots of time outside every afternoon. You can't beat a Winter Break with great weather! However, I'm still holding out hope for a snow day...

*We've had multiple game nights this week! I Spy Snap and SkipBo have been the games of choice. 

*We visited daddy this week at work and he took us out to lunch. Winter Break perks are pretty awesome. =)

*These two have had tons of fun together... mostly (haha)... and one of the fun things they came up with was timing each other using Garrison's watch. They timed each other running from room to room upstairs, running into the playroom and going down the slide, running into their room and climbing the bunk bed ladder and coming back down. It occupied them all morning long! And Layton was right in the middle of them too. =)

*We pulled out the gears for some more table time this week and they loved playing with them. It was good fine motor and color recognition practice for Layton and just fun and creative for the big boys. I was super proud of how long it occupied them. 

*3 boys with 3 colorful, handmade leis. =)

*Last night we had leftovers and since I didn't have to cook we stayed outside all. afternoon. long. It was glorious. The weather was perfect and Terrell got home a little early and my babies played and played and played. 

*Terrell is doing a construction loan for a couple who is also putting in a pool and he sent me this picture while he was there doing the inspection. So excited for one day!! =)

*I saw this on fb this week and it just cracked me up. The bottom buckle to Austin's seat is pretty hard to click but he's finally mastered it and whenever he can't quite get it or is having trouble or just taking his time... Gracious. 

*Favorite not pictured moments.... My mom came over on Wednesday afternoon to deliver a couple of train sets that my grandparents wanted to give the boys and she got roped into a basketball game in the basement plus giving dance lessons. Hahaha. Things got loud and crazy and I'm pretty sure the boys lost their minds and in the process gave me a headache and made me crazy, but I really did love how much fun they had together. It was a pretty exciting afternoon... in a really loud and fun, but still special way. =)

*Also, this week my precious Layton has started carrying on little conversations with me at bedtime AND he's started singing along with me on some of our bedtime songs I sing to him every night. Melt. My. Heart. It's the sweetest, most precious, most wonderful thing ever. I just want to bottle up these memories and sweet conversations and his little voice and remember it forever. God's blessings just amaze me and overwhelm me. My heart about bursts with joy as I listen to him talk and sing.

This weekend is going to be a BUSY one! We have Layton's 2nd birthday party tomorrow at 11:00 and then tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 we're celebrating my PawPaw's 90th birthday with tons of friends and family. It should be a fun day filled with family and lots of celebration! 

On Sunday Garrison starts his Now That I'm A Christian class at church and I start as the new Preschool Sunday School Director. Whaaaa?? Haha. I'm really excited about it and thankful God has opened this door for us to serve (Terrell will be my right hand for sure), but it's also just a little, or a lot, intimidating. I'm praying for a smooth transition, God's blessings on my "team", and that I will remain in His will as I serve our sweet children and families week to week. I have no idea how long I will be able to commit to this but for now, God has led me here and I'll stay put until He tells me to move. Prayers are appreciated! =)

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!!

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