Thursday, February 4, 2016

Friday Favorites on Thursday

I decided to do my Friday Favorites a day early this week because tomorrow is Garrison's birthday so I'll be posting about my favorite 7 year old in the morning. =) 

This week has been a pretty good one. We're counting down to Garrison's birthday and building up his big day and our special outing for him and we've been busy with some big decisions and upcoming plans too. Plus more party and Valentine prep. February is a busy month for us! So it's been a little bit of a whirlwind around here, but in a good way. Tiring but good.

Here are my favorite happenings from our week so far...

*Last Friday Terrell had an out of town meeting and he got home just before we had to pick Garrison up from school so he squeezed in a few minutes of quality time with our littles. My boys are so, so blessed.

*Friday afternoon while daddy worked in the yard and prepared for the birthday party, these 3 enjoyed lots of playground time. 

*Ready to celebrate Nana's birthday Sunday after church!

*We had our very own room at a very crowded restaurant and it made all the difference in our experience. Phew. Haha. We enjoyed our lunch and Layton was able to walk around in the room after he finished eating and things went really smoothly with our littlest who is the most high maintenance family member at restaurants by far. We sang to Nana and gave her our gift and had a really fun time together.

*Garrison started on a new lego project that he got for his birthday earlier this week and requested that him and Austin have some alone time to work. =)

*After over 30 minutes of entertaining Layton downstairs and baby brother missing his big brothers, I let him in the room to play legos too. After a few minutes, he and Austin were bored so they played something else while Garrison worked solo. Haha. 

*My middle man concentrating hard. 

*We finally made it through the letter J! We may have to start doing 2 a week to finish his book before the end of the year. It has been super challenging to do things with Austin with 2 busy little toddlers running around!

*This little love still has a witching hour. Still. Waaaahhhh!! Late afternoon and early evening is not his friend. Or mine. Gracious. He's hungry and tired and irritable and hanging on me and into everything and hard to please and crying a lot, and anything else fun the witching hour brings. I was in the middle of cooking one afternoon this week when he just decided to lay at my feet and hold on while crying his eyes out and begging for more food. (He had just finished a pre-dinner snack.) And when he caught me making his picture he got tickled and started laughing so hard. And that's the only thing that makes this little scene a favorite. A really bad moment turned funny. =)

*Garrison, Austin, and daddy have all been working on the lego project together and they are almost done! Garrison is amazed at how cool it's turning out and is considering spending some of his birthday money on another lego set. =)

*I am so proud of our baby boy this morning. Yesterday was his first day without the paci and he did soo good. Naptime was iffy because it took him a while to go to sleep and he was awake after only 30 minutes or so of napping, but he never cried or threw a fit so I considered it a success! Bedtime broke my heart a little because he was looking for the paci and asking for it and he did cry a little for it but after extra rocking time, lots of love, and helping him get comfy with all of his special things he sleeps with he was okay and he slept all night!! We didn't have to go back in his room once last night and he made it til 6:50 this morning! We are so proud of him and so thankful for God's grace! You better believe I was praying for him to feel the peace of Jesus and to feel safe and comforted as he went to sleep. Yesterday was only our first day so things could definitely change today or in the coming days but this morning we are THANKFUL. A great start to the transition was an unexpected blessing!

*Favorite not-pictured moments: Garrison got a Build a Bear gift card at his birthday party and we've never been to one so I was explaining what it was and what we'd get to use it for and he immediately said, Okay, can Austin come too? It was so sweet and thoughtful the way he immediately wanted to make sure Austin could go with us. Then on Saturday night after his party when we were saying the blessing before eating supper Garrison prayed and thanked God for his party and for all of his friends being able to come over and play and have fun together. =)

This weekend is all about our birthday boy and the Superbowl! Tomorrow we're celebrating Garrison turning 7 with our fun little traditions at home, then on Saturday we're off to the Georgia Aquarium for his birthday outing, and Sunday after church and a hopefully restful afternoon we're gearing up for the Superbowl! Go Broncos!! We're Falcons through and through at our house but the next best thing is Peyton Manning's team. =) Happy Thursday and almost weekend!!

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