Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Recap

How to describe this weekend? Wonderful, challenging, fun, hard, exciting, tough. Haha. It was all of the above and then some. But overall it was good and I decided before the weekend started that I wanted to recap everything... so here's my wordy play by play of our up and down weekend. =)

Friday afternoon was pretty wonderful. We picked up Garrison from school, came home and had a snack, then all 3 boys played together amazingly (Thank you Jesus) while I vacuumed and did a few things around the house and then we went out for Mexican take-out. 

Movie night was a hit! Even Layton watched the first few minutes of Fox and the Hound 2. =)

Night night hugs for the big brothers are always sweet. 

The big boys took a loonng time going to sleep but I think we just beat the 9:00 mark. Ummm, that's too close to my bedtime to be okay. Ha. 

Saturday morning the challenges began. Daddy wasn't home so it was really trying for mama but thankfully we survived. Phew. Layton started the day at 6:07. He was crying pretty bad so I went ahead and went up to his room and rocked him before putting him back to bed... unfortunately he never went back to sleep but at least I could go back to bed and "rest" for a little longer. The big boys were up at 7:00 so I got Layton up then too and we survived breakfast. Barely. We endured not 1 but 2 spills during breakfast. One small, one massive. Milk everywhere, mama about in tears, and 3 boys who were concerned but mainly just hungry. They went up to the playroom afterwards so I could mop the kitchen and then I was able to take a shower in peace. So that was a plus!

Ready for a fun outing to the library!

We enjoyed all the fun the library had to offer and started to wear out our welcome after about 30 minutes or so. We experienced some drama leaving the library that I'd like to forget about (parenting can be sooo hard!!!) but once we got home and ready for lunch all was well again.

After lunch I got everybody ready for nap time/ rest time and that's when my next challenge occurred. While I was up in Layton's room getting him ready for his nap an accident occurred that scared us all to death. The big boys were supposed to be watching basketball, not playing basketball... We have a pretty strict rule about no playing with balls in the living room... But alas, rules are broken sometimes and mistakes are made. And the result was my window pane mirror falling from the mantle, hitting the hearth, and shattering. They both ran upstairs and busted into Layton's room crying and sobbing and apologizing and traumatized. Garrison was almost hysterical. Of course I had no clue what was going on or what had happened so I may have mildly freaked out and sprinted down the stairs in a panic. 

We all took some deep breaths and gathered ourselves and tried to assess things and calm down. Garrison in particular was extremely guilt stricken even though he wasn't the one who had thrown the ball, he knew they were breaking a rule and he was so sad they had broken something. They both felt terrible and hopefully a lesson was learned. I'm just thankful no one was hurt! #andthatTargetstillhadthemirrorinstock

Before cleaning up the mess I turned on Lion Guard for the big boys and got Layton down for his nap. No way I could clean up broken glass with Layton nearby. Why do things like this happen when daddy isn't home?! On a happy note, Layton took his longest nap since we took the paci! Over 2 hours!! This is like a miracle after almost a whole month of him only napping for an hour or so. I was thrilled and super proud. =)

By the time we woke up Layton from his nap and had snack time, Terrell got home!! Yay!!!! The whole fam was so excited!! We spent the rest of the afternoon outside. =)

The boys were so thrilled to have daddy home!

And baby brother has started hitching a ride with big brothers every time they drive their cars. Maybe one day he'll figure out how to drive his own. Haha. 

Saturday night we made a last minute decision to go out to Waffle House. =) It was a fun way to wrap up our day and to celebrate daddy being home!

Sunday morning Garrison's choir sang in big church in 2 out of 3 of our services so we had to be there bright and early. They did a great job and I just loved the lyrics to their song. Children's choirs are one of my favorite things!

Since I was there for the early service I was able to stay and listen to the guest speaker before leaving out just a little early to head to my preschool hall. I loved enjoying a worship service after missing out for the past few weeks since taking over as Preschool Sunday School Director. Hopefully I can still make it to a few a year. 

I am enjoying my new role on Sunday mornings. Even though there are WAY more adventures on our hall than ever once occurred to me, it's been rewarding and fun and is going great so far. I'm so thankful for all of my teachers and love seeing all the families, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers every Sunday morning. It's a special and sometimes wild hour and a half. =)

Thankfully I'm still able to go to Sunday School every Sunday since our SS class meets at 11:00, and Sunday morning's lesson was just powerful. It was about fighting Satan and kicking him out of our homes, families, marriages, etc and possessing some righteous anger just like Jesus did from time to time. 

I'm so thankful I was there and that God used our teacher to speak such truth and power into us... because not even 1 hour later I was under attack. Ugh. Our teacher described Satan in all different ways but the main one that stuck with me is that he is the author of doubt and confusion. And come Sunday afternoon I was way deep in doubt. To make a long story short it comes down to raising this house full of boys. Boys who prefer daddy for the fun stuff (he's definitely the fun parent, haha), boys who don't always include me, big boys who want quality time with daddy and a baby boy who wants quality time with mama and daddy but who will grow up and possibly only want quality time with daddy. Lots of doubt, confusion, insecurities, and fear crept in. Ahhhhh! Not fun. 

The big boys spent the afternoon with daddy and friends at the baseball fields. They had a fun time while Layton and I stayed home and napped. =)

Once everybody got home Layton was introduced to his tee ball set! He's a fan and pretty much already has the hang of it!

Sunday night went pretty good and we wrapped up the day playing card games, making lunches, and getting ready for our new week. I still had some major doubt going on and just kept fretting over whether I'm doing enough for my boys. Am I involved enough in what they love? Am I fun enough? Am I enough as their mom? Or am I only meant to feed them? Haha. 

Thankfully I woke up with some clarity and peace. I loved reading this in my Jesus Calling devotional this morning. So perfect and just what I needed. 

I have been given 3 precious little boys ON PURPOSE. I am enough for them and I am equipped and capable of raising them and relating to them and loving them and doing things with them and for them. He is perfect in all of His ways (Deut 32:4) and He was perfect when he gave me boys. Perfect. Boys can be challenging and different and they will have more and more in common with Terrell as they grow because they're boys. But God has called me, (specifically me!), to be their mom and as their mom I will always be intentional and involved, supportive and encouraging, and pray for them like no one else. They may challenge me and make me crazy but they were made for me and me for them. =)

When Satan attacks return to His word and His promises.

So thankful for His goodness, faithfulness, peace, and sweet reminders this morning as we start a brand new day and week. Have a great Monday!

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