Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites: The Week Back Edition

This week we've gotten back into the swing of things. I don't think any of us are fully adjusted to the return of early mornings and homework just yet but we've had a pretty good week back. I am thankful that this week back meant party planning is behind me for a few months! January and February both just seem super crazy with all of our birthday fun and Valentine's. So it's nice to have a break... although we still have one more birthday outing planned for next weekend if the weather cooperates! Overall, our week back to school and work have been good. I'm definitely trying to enjoy the calm before the storm since baseball starts next week! Eeeek!!

Here's a look at my favorite happenings...

But first... a favorite that occurred on January 31st in the midst of our party prep and craziness and somehow never made it on the blog. #soashamed

The day our niece Piper Caroline was dedicated! We were so proud to watch Anna and Frankie commit to raise Piper in a Christian home and in the church. It was a sweet and special service. (That's our awesome youth choir behind them. =))

I love our pastor's prayers over babies and their parents. The prayers he prayed over our family and our boys at their dedications are some of the sweetest words ever. And I just love this picture. 

So thankful for Anna and Frankie's commitment and Piper's dedication to the Lord! And that I finally remembered to document this special occasion! 

 Now fast forward to this week... 

*Austin has started requesting a picture with me whenever we're both wearing our robes. =)

*This boy and that head full of hair plus one really crazy cow lick. Ha!

*Austin keeps right on going with his handwriting practice and I even pulled out a couple of writing books I've had since Garrison was 3 to help him practice. He needs the practice so I'm super thankful he enjoys it!

*Layton and I were totally on our own Wednesday morning since Baby A didn't come and Garrison and Austin both had school. It was nice to have some extra quality time with my littlest... even if he did start asking for his brothers. =) That's become a regular thing this week, him asking for Garrison and Austin. He got used to them being home all day every day last week too! Plus I think he's just growing up and always wants to be with them. 

*We previewed the Book Fair at Garrison's school together...

*And we put together lots of puzzles (which he just figured out how to do by himself, yay!), read lots of books, watched approximately 3 minutes of Mickey Mouse, and he assisted me with lots of laundry. We had a really good morning together minus one nasty tantrum. Haha. 

*I'm really proud of my biggest boy this week. Not only does he come from school and tackle his homework right away with little to no complaining, but he's also done great with his homework from his Now that I'm a Christian class. This week he had to memorize John 3:16 (which he has!) plus answer questions and fill in the blanks, etc each day in his workbook. Phew! Mama is barely keeping up so I'm especially proud of my 7 year old for doing so great handling his full plate. Hopefully baseball won't push us to our limits and make us crazy. #I'mstressingalittleaboutbaseball 

*My middle man's school pictures! Love him so much!

*I was able to sneak in a picture with Garrison before school and class picture day yesterday! He wasn't too happy about having to wear that shirt but we compromised with the promise of wearing the Under Armor suit today. =)

*Layton had his 2 year well check this week and did great! He weighs 28 pounds, 8 ounces and is 34 and 1/4 inches tall. He's in the 70th percentile for weight and the 40th for height. He's slightly bigger than Garrison was at 2 and considerably bigger than Austin at 2. The baby may turn out to be our biggest! Annnnnd, in breaking news, this big boy went to the potty for the first time ever yesterday!! Woooohoooo!! I was ecstatic!! He was pretty excited too. =)

*I must say that going to the doctor with just 1 child is amazing and was definitely a favorite this week. Typically I have at least 2 with me but mostly I have all 3, by myself, like some sort of family field trip. Minus the fun. It. Is. Always. Crazy. Just one though? Oh how I love and appreciate 1 child per visit. It was the best. I actually loved and enjoyed this check up. So thankful my wonderful and awesome hubby followed us there so he could hang out with Austin and Baby A in the car watching Curious George. =)

*Garrison made this shortly after Christmas and this week it made it's way onto the fridge for all of us to see and enjoy. (Of course this was after a very unfortunate turn of events in which Layton decided to color on it without permission thereby nearly ruining it... so sad, so much drama, so much devastation... so Garrison finally cut around Layton's dreadful marks and we decided to put it on the fridge for it's own protection.) I was filling my water bottle yesterday and loved the reminder staring me in the face. Every word is true. Garrison's written words sure are special.

*Art Night success!! Daddy and Garrison made a clay piggy bank from scratch! Phew. #stressful (The littles and I shopped the Book Fair while the artists worked.) Yay for a mostly fun night for the whole fam. =)

*Favorite Read of the Week: Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt. I've read this before a while back but came across it again this week. So true. So good. Such a great reminder. 

This weekend is sort of different for us... Terrell has to go out of town this morning for a convention and won't be home until tomorrow afternoon sometime. Boo. We're all a little bummed but still super thankful for the weekend!! Tonight we're grabbing take-out and enjoying movie night, tomorrow I'm hoping we all sleep late before a possible morning outing and lunch, then we'll have naptime and rest time and hopefully daddy will almost be home! We're going to enjoy our Saturday night and Sunday with him and having everybody under the same roof! Happy Friday!!

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