Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Layton!

Our baby boy turns 2 today!!! Our baby! Our littlest man! Our youngest member!! Oh my heart! Time really does fly when you're having fun and chasing down 3 busy boys everyday. Our family of 5 has experienced lots of adventures over the past 2 years and our baby boy definitely made each one a little sweeter and a lot more exciting. He has blessed all of us so, so much.

Layton Thomas Selph arrived February 12, 2014 at 3:00 in the afternoon in the middle of a pretty significant Winter storm. Such a memorable time to make his appearance and a big reason why his birthday is February 12th!! My doctors decided it was best for me to go in on the 11th due to the storm and we were set up in a delivery room (me, Terrell, and my mom) the whole time. It was snowing when he was born. (If you'd like to reminisce with me you can read his birth story here. =))

Layton has stolen our hearts from day one and we just can't get enough of him! I'll never forget how special the introduction was between him and his big brothers. They were so smitten it was just love at first sight. And even though Garrison and Austin can get annoyed or frustrated with Layton occasionally now that he's older they forgive him soo easily. They love on him and share with him and want him to sit on their laps and read to him. We honestly still have moments around here when I think, wow, the newness still hasn't worn off. =) God's blessings overflow. 

Layton starts his day sometime around 7:00 every morning and we have to have his breakfast ready for him when we bring him downstairs. Baby boy has a huge appetite and doesn't like waiting to eat! Haha! His breakfast almost every single morning is raisin bread, half of a Nutri Grain bar, and dry cereal. Have I mentioned he's our pickiest eater??

Layton's favorite activities and hobbies during the day are being read to, playing basketball in the playroom or basement, riding around on his riding toys in the basement, attempting to put puzzles together (still working on this), playing with manipulatives or game pieces at the kitchen table, playing outside, and chasing around Baby A or his big brothers. He loves doing whatever Garrison and Austin are doing.

Layton also loves meal times and gets quite demanding when he's hungry and ready to eat. We eat lunch around 11:30 everyday so the little ones have plenty of time for a good nap before we have to pick Garrison up... so around 11:00 or 11:15 he's letting me know he's ready to eat! He loves leftover spaghetti, tacos, pizza, or chili for lunch plus chips, freeze-dried fruit, yogurt, crackers, raisins, applesauce, and fruit and veggie squeezables. On the days we don't have leftovers I just piece together whatever I can that he'll eat!

Layton LOVES playing ball... basketball, soccer, football, he loves it all. He doesn't know much about baseball just yet but he loves to collect the baseballs when we're outside if his big brothers are playing with them. Speaking of outside, he LOVES being outside. He must get it from Garrison. =) He cries when we have to come in and just walking out to the car can be tough for him when he just wants to play with balls that he sees under the garage so bad! He also really loves and books about animals and animal sounds are big hits.

Layton is currently learning... 

to go potty (still haven't had any success but he does sit on the potty before bath time every single night!), 

to put puzzles together himself

to sing the alphabet song (he mainly listens but does request it quite a bit =))

his colors (yay!!)

to count to 10

to catch a ball... he knows how to kick, throw, punt, and shoot a ball so catching and eventually hitting are the only things he's still got to master. =)  

Layton goes to bed sometime between 7:00 and 7:30 every night. He loves being read to and sang to in the rocking chair before getting in his crib. He's a pretty great sleeper and almost always sleeps all night. He also gives the best night night hugs to everybody in the house before I get ready to put him to bed. He's definitely a mama's boy right now so he prefers me for almost everything, but he does especially love when daddy gets home because he knows it means extra play time and fun! He has really sweet manners and says please, thank you, yes mam, I love you, and I sorry often. =)

Layton we have all been totally in love and smitten with you from the moment we knew about you! Your big brothers ADORE you and love you to pieces and so do we!! We are so thankful to celebrate your 2nd birthday with you and overwhelmed with joy and gratitude because you are ours! God gave us a priceless gift in you and you bless us daily. Your big blue eyes, bright smile, affectionate ways, and silly, mischievous shenanigans keep us melted into a puddle and on our toes constantly. We love you more than you will ever know and are so thankful for the day you were born!! Happy Birthday Layton Thomas!!

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