Thursday, March 3, 2016

4 and 1/2

Our sweet second born is 4 and 1/2 today! How can we already be half way to 5?! Time keeps flying by so I'm just going to try my best to enjoy this season and watching my babies grow!

So far, 4 has been a fun age. If age 3 was the year of the meltdown, (just as an overall theme, haha), then age 4 has been the year of fun for Austin. (So far... and hopefully it will continue!) He has matured and grown and become even more fun loving and hilarious than before. He's laid back and "Type B", sweet and affectionate, smart and attentive, and just overall easy going and fun loving. We are just so thankful for Austin Selph and love him more than words can say!!

*Fun Facts at 4 and 1/2*

*You are a bit of a sports expert. You LOVE watching sports and you and Garrison keep up with rankings, scores, records, and anything else associated with sports. You also love playing sports... soccer, baseball, basketball, and football are your favorites. Baseball season has just started for you and we're excited to watch you play!

*You are still our cuddle bug. =) You love sitting in laps and being held from time to time and giving big hugs. This trait of yours seems to make you a bit of a charmer with your teachers at school and church. They eat you up and can't get enough of you. They compliment you frequently and it makes my heart so happy the way you bless so many. 

*You love playing games. Playing card games and board games is one of your most favorite hobbies. That, and some sort of school time at the table. "Homeschooling" you last year was one of the best things ever for both of us and it's definitely made you a lover of learning.

*You are super smart! You know all of your letters, uppercase and lowercase, and their sounds. You can recognize numbers to 100. You can count to over 100. You know how to write your name. You know your shapes. You are even starting to understand addition. We are trying to tackle writing and improve those fine motor skills and introducing some "cvc" words that you can sound out. We're praying hard about what's best for you next year for PreK but know that you will be amazing wherever God leads!

*Your appetite is growing and you're starting to clean your plate more and more. You love spaghetti, tacos, scrambled hamburgers, ham, cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, grapes, raisins, freeze dried fruit, yogurt, oatmeal pies, and nutty bars. =) You always eat your vegetables last with just a little bribery of a small dessert to help... but you always eat them thankfully. You are our biggest meat eater and our smallest carb eater.  

*You are a big helper around here. Especially when Garrison is at school and you're the oldest boy in the house.

*You forgive easily and get over things quickly. Yay for being like daddy!

*You still get scared at night sometimes. You're afraid of the dark some nights and you've even mentioned monsters before. Thankfully sharing a room with Garrison helps and you enjoy reading books by flashlight and having "talking time" before bed as a distraction. 

*You know how to buckle yourself into your car seat now! You can also almost totally dress yourself.

*You love and adore your brothers and y'all are all super close and have the best relationship. Of course y'all can argue, fight, and bicker like crazy but mostly you're just the best of friends and want to do EVERYTHING together. =)

*Happy half way to 5 birthday Austin!! It is so fun watching you grow and we are so thankful God gave us YOU!! We love you more than you'll ever know!!!

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