Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites: We Made It!!


Yay for Friday!!! This week has been a bit of a doozy so we are even more excited than normal to welcome Friday this morning! We are just worn out with trying to adjust to our baseball schedule while also keeping everyone fed, bathed, clothed, well-rested, educated, etc. Haha. 

It's also been a little stressful for me the past couple of days after receiving a job offer out of the blue that I really, reeally love only to find out it may not work out or be possible for our family. It's just so hard not knowing God's plans! Anxiety is attacking me something serious but all we can do is cover it with prayer and trust His plan. Needless to say this mama is especially looking forward to having a little extra time to rest and digest everything this weekend. 

Here's a look at my favorites from the week...

*Last Friday my mom had to keep the kiddos for me unexpectedly during our normal lunch time and a day Austin typically goes to school but wasn't able to to. So I packed them all a lunch and decided to write Austin a note on his napkin like I do for Garrison every day....

*Apparently he was impressed with it because he asked Granna to write something back to me on the back. So sweet! My first message on a napkin in about as long as I can remember. =)

*Fun times at the park for little brothers while the biggest brother practiced baseball. 

*On Mondays and Tuesdays when our practices are at 6:30 we eat an early supper before we go... and as soon as we get home around 8:00 or so the boys are starving and begging for food. Haha. Thankfully we have a few semi-healthy snacks to offer. #feedingboysissoexpensive

*Terrell found our Easter books this week! We don't have a huge collection but the boys love our holiday themed books and I love the festivity they add and the extra opportunities to read to my babies. =)

*A little word family introduction this week!

*Changing the sheets on the bunk beds is actually one of my least favorite things to do, BUT, I feel soo accomplished afterwards. And like I've just finished a good cardio work out. And like I can accomplish anything after conquering tight spaces, odd positions, practically hanging from the ceiling, and engaging in battle with sheets and corners. It's a good feeling. =)

My middle requested I lower the shades for naptime so he could fall asleep on the couch. Ha. (He got the idea from Garrison last Friday when he was sick and requested a darkened room so he could rest.) It worked!

*Garrison and Austin have started playing school this week. Oh how it takes me back to the early 90s. =)

*Austin Selph had a great first practice this week! It was a little long and repetitive but he stayed focused and motivated and did great! And last night was even better! Once he finds his comfort zone I think he's going to be a star. But that could just be my mama bias talking. =)

*Speaking of Austin... he also went on a field trip to the Ingles Bakery this week. Terrell met his class there and sent me this picture. He loved learning about the bakery and getting the grand tour... the huge freezer was one of his favorites!

*Wednesday turned out to be sort of tough. Garrison had a hard day at school and our afternoon was emotional and really tired and just plain down. So after talking with Terrell we decided to skip choir and let the kids stay home and go outside and play and just have a normal afternoon with no where to go. And that made our Wednesday so much better. I think it was needed by everybody!

*Then after supper daddy told everybody to go jump in the car because we were heading out for a surprise. He took us out for ice cream! We were all super surprised and so thankful for such a fun, yummy, and unexpected treat!


*Our biggest boy is doing awesome with baseball so far. It was tough for him to say goodbye to soccer for a season but he felt the same way saying goodbye to baseball last summer... so we know we aren't ready for one sport year round. Now that practices have started Garrison Cade is confident, motivated, and doing amazing. It's going to be such a fun season! 

This weekend we're planning to take care of some errands, tackle Garrison's school project, and enjoy our extra free time together. So thankful for weekends!! Happy Friday!!

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