Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favorites: And So It Begins Edition

Baseball started for us this week! And so it begins. The busier schedule, the sometimes stressed out mama, the grass and dirt stains, the practices, the best daddy and coach ever doing his thing, the fun for the big boys, and the craziness. We only got a small preview this week but if our preview was any indication, it's going to be a wild Spring. =)

Here's a look at my favorite happenings from the week...

*Austin getting in some practice writing numbers. He's getting the hang of them!

*Monday afternoon Garrison and I decided he should complete ALL of his spelling homework for the week since baseball was starting. And believe it or not, things went perfectly! PTL!! This was God's grace for sure. Layton colored, Austin practiced writing his name and other letters, and Garrison worked. The most peaceful homework session ever!! And it made our afternoons much smoother throughout the week given our head start!

*Baseball practice for our biggest!! Even though I've been dreading the start of the season just a little, the first practice was super fun and I was reminded how much the boys love to play, how much Terrell loves to coach (and how great he is as a coach!!) and how much fun it is to watch my babies play. Things may get crazy but we're going to enjoy the season!

*These 2 watched practice and played on the playground too! Next week Austin starts practice and things get real. =)

*Garrison played "teacher" with Austin and gave him a lesson on telling time to the hour. 

*Tuesday ended up being our free day this week and since it's our last free day for the forseeable future we spent the whole afternoon outside. It was wonderful. The boys drove their cars around, we spent lots of time on the playground, we took wagon rides, and just enjoyed ourselves so much. Then Terrell grilled for us and we had a delicious meal together before throwing everybody in the bath. Such a great afternoon and evening!

*Ready for Game Night!!

*This little man has been doing great sleeping late this week! Yay!! He's been sleeping til well past 7, sometimes even 7:30! (Now if we could only get him to go to bed on time...) Love finding him sitting on his pillow reading when we go in to get him. =) 

*This week is Read Across America week in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday so I prepared a couple of Cat in the Hat activities for Austin. We started with counting by 5s to make a hat like the Cat's. Austin knows how to skip count by 2s and he can count by 10s but this was my first time introducing counting by 5s. It was a fun activity!

 (I wrote numbers on the back 1-10 and even numbers 2-20 so that it can be adapted for Layton to do when he's ready. And I've got it laminated already. Yay and yay.)

*Then we made a smaller hat with shapes as a review and later even did some higher order thinking and made patterns with the shapes in addition to the red, white pattern. It was challenging but fun! Austin enjoyed our little Dr. Seuss activities.

*A little Happy 1/2 Birthday Austin picture! Layton was still in bed or he would've been in the picture too. =)
We are looking forward to a pretty fun weekend if we can make sure everybody is healthy (Garrison woke up with a fever, headache, and sore throat this morning.) I have a girls night tonight and we're hoping to take Layton on his birthday outing tomorrow to the Zoo!! Happy Friday!!

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