Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites: Easter Week!

Easter week has been pretty good for us. It's been a short week for everyone in some form or fashion and we've really enjoyed the Easter festivities and fun that have happened this week. So thankful for Good Friday and that I know He lives!!

Here's a look at my faves from the week...

*Garrison didn't have school on Monday due to a teacher work day and these 3 loved being together all day long. (We let Austin take the day off too since Garrison didn't have school. ) Baby A was here with us too so it was a fun day full of boys. =)

*Due to a sore throat and me not feeling my best plus the thick pollen that's been covering everything around here, we decided for me to stay home with the littles on Monday night while Garrison and daddy went to practice. Slightly disappointed little brothers needed something fun to do at home so Austin chose a bubble bath for him and Layton. They enjoyed an extra long bath and had the best time! 

*Layton was up bright and early with his big brothers on Tuesday morning so he insisted on sitting with them at the bar for breakfast. He is starting to ask for them more and more and wants to do everything they're doing. He loves them so much it melts my heart. 

*We had a special visitor during naptime on Tuesday afternoon. We loved having Baby Girl come over for a little while!

*On Tuesday night we decided on me staying home again but this time with Garrison and Layton while Austin and daddy went to practice. Again because of the pollen and me not feeling great. So Garrison voted for a bubble bath this time! We're now completely out of bubble bath, haha, but these 2 brothers loved their bath time. 

*Austin had his Easter egg hunt at school on Wednesday and my mom kept Layton and A for me so I could go. It was fun and sweet! I'm so thankful I was able to be there!

*Austin racked up on eggs and candy! It was a fun morning with my middle. =)

*We were able to squeeze in family game night on Wednesday after Layton finally went to bed. Phew. Things have been a little challenging on that front but it appears we've turned a corner and found a new strategy for baby boy. Yay!

*Yesterday morning I decided on a last minute indoor egg hunt for Austin and Layton as a way to give them their morning snack. I've determined my children are just hungry around the clock. They always want to eat! Haha. So I made some word family eggs for Austin and did plain eggs for Layton and then they "hunted" for them around the living room. 

*It was a big hit and a fun little surprise for them. I remember hiding eggs for Garrison the Easter he was 3 and Austin was a baby and taking his morning nap. I hid letter cheez-its inside his eggs and we worked on letter recognition. =) Sweet memories. 

*Austin and I worked on word families or "onset and rime" with his eggs. You just write the ending or "rime" of the word on one side of the egg and the beginning consonants or "onset" on the other side. Then you turn the egg so you can practice reading each word. Even though Austin knows all of his letter sounds this is still pretty challenging for him. But it's good practice and he's motivated and interested in reading so it's been good to at least introduce the concept even if he doesn't grasp it yet. We had a fun Easter themed morning!

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moments: It rained last night!! Yaaaaay!!!! And I went to a new Bible Study last night and really, really loved it. It was both encouraging and convicting and just super informal and personal. I'm going to really enjoy a small group Bible Study in a home. Thanks Brandi for making it happen!

Today Terrell and I both have the day off so we're planning to take Garrison to school as a family, go buy groceries, take the whole family to eat lunch with Garrison at school, and then we're signing him out early so the big boys can go play golf with daddy and Papa. We also have a scrimmage game in the morning plus a birthday party tomorrow afternoon, and then all of our family Easter festivities on Sunday. We're looking forward to a fun and busy Easter weekend! Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!! 

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 
Romans 5:8

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