Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites: No Homework Edition!

This week has been nice. Other than being worn out from the busyness of baseball season, our week (MY week in particular) has been super light. And it's all thanks to no homework!! Garrison's teacher was out a few days this week unexpectedly and so she completely held off on homework and the usual routine and assessments she does each week. And it's been such a wonderful break! Especially for mama!! 

Garrison has never been a big complainer about homework and it doesn't take him a super long time to do, but we do it right after school in the midst of our craziest time of day because that works best for us... but in essence it's a stressful and extremely busy time of day for me. So experiencing a full week without that craziness was bliss. Plus I never had to worry about practicing spelling words or sight words or vocabulary words, etc. It just made a huge difference in our afternoons and general routine this week so I am thankful for our mini break!

Here's a look at all of my other faves from the week... =)

*Easter weekend with my guys was the best. And every holiday is a reminder of how thankful I am to be back in the hometown! I don't want to ever take it for granted after 9 years away. 

*On Sunday night before leaving to come home, Garrison got Granna to pull his tooth! He was super excited to use his new tooth fairy pillow and to find some cash inside of it on Monday morning. 

*Monday morning Garrison's Habitat Diorama project was due! He chose the Black Rhino and did a great job... with help of course. =)  

*I thought it turned out really realistic. It was a group effort so we were all pretty proud of it. And we learned tons about the black rhino!

*A short break from watching Garrison's practice to swing!

*The big boys formed a club this week. How special and awesome is that?! They named it "Brothers Club" and they are the main 2 members but Layton is also part of the club and daddy can be in it if he wants. =) They do things like time each other while racing around the house, have meeting places, ride their dune racers down the hill in our yard side by side, keep pretend intruders, bad guys, or girls (ha!) out, and they even have a secret handshake. Brothers are just the BEST!!

*This little man built his very first (I think) tower this week! His favorite part was stacking the blocks as fast as he could and then moving it or nudging it just enough to make it fall over. He cracked himself up every time. =)

*Layton and I had some one-on-one time Wednesday before naptime and while I folded the boys' clothes and put them away, he played dress up. He asked for the Superman cape and found Austin's hat from last year's baseball season. I can't even. There is no way he could be any cuter!! =)

*Wednesday was a big day for Layton apparently. Haha. He has been asking, begging, and pleading for a ride on the lawnmower for weeks and his wish was finally granted Wednesday afternoon. Daddy took Layton for a special ride while his big brothers were at choir. Don't tell them or we might be in trouble. Ha. He LOVED every second. I'm wondering if maybe he'll be a landscaper or something when he grows up. He was that smitten. I have a feeling daddy won't cut the grass again without giving his baby boy a ride. It was a big, BIG deal. =)

*We traded Family Game Night for Family Storytime this week. Our baseball schedule seems to be taking it's toll on all of us, especially our 4 year old. Poor baby has had a tough week and just been out of sorts and TIRED. Having somewhere to be and something to do 4 nights a week with at least 2 of those nights causing a later bedtime is just a lot for a 4 year old. It's a lot for me! Thank goodness I'm home to get supper ready before all of our practices so we can prioritize winding down and bedtime once we get home! This week we decided to do something a little more calm and bedtime inviting on our only early night at home. The picture is blurry but they chose The Day the Crayons Quit to read and they are all laughing about the peach crayon having it's paper peeled off and being naked and too embarrassed to leave the box. Haha. 

*I took Austin and Layton to the library this week! Normally we save our library trips for times when Garrison can go with us but we were on a mission to check out a good read aloud chapter book for Austin. 

*Mission accomplished! This was one of the first chapter books I read aloud to Garrison so now I'm going to start reading it aloud to Austin at the start of rest time each afternoon. We've made it to chapter 3 and so far it's held his attention pretty good. Yay. 

*Garrison lost his 2nd loose tooth of the week on yesterday! And he pulled it himself!! We had all tried several times to get that stubborn tooth out with no success but yesterday was the day! He was able to wiggle it free during lunch and then the school nurse gave him this little tooth holder for safe keeping. He was so excited to tell me the news as soon as he got in the car yesterday afternoon. It made his day. =)

*Garrison also had a scrimmage last night as one final preparation for Opening Day. He did awesome! So excited to watch my #5 this season!! (And my #2 who also kicks off his season on Saturday!)

We have a pretty big weekend coming up. Tonight we're celebrating Terrell's mom's retirement with a dinner and celebration with lots of family and friends and tomorrow morning bright and early is Opening Day! Then on tomorrow night we're celebrating my mom's birthday! Sunday we're hoping for lots of down time and family time. We're looking forward to a great one! Happy Friday!! 

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