Friday, April 22, 2016


I'm here! A little out of it due to pain meds, but here. =)

Not sure if I'll make any sense or not, but I'm going to attempt a quick update. 

Surgery went well. Praise the Lord! We ended up having to be there at noon on Monday and not going back until after 3:00 so the long wait wasn't super fun, but we were home Monday night sometime before 7:00. (I think.) My doctor told Terrell that the left side of my nose was completely closed so I should sleep better and have more energy once I recover. (Yes please!) She also said that my tonsils were ugly and we made the right decision to remove them. I'm so thankful for how smoothly things went and that the surgery was successful with no complications or issues. Having never had surgery before, it was a little scary being rolled back to the O.R. And I'm pretty sure everyone knew how anxious I was about the recovery and what this week would hold for all of us. But I have felt the prayers of so many and we're hanging in there and doing well!

The toughest challenge for me has been getting up and around. I have just been sooo out of it. Woozy, light-headed, weak, going in slow motion, in a daze, unsteady on my feet, etc. For the most part I can get up by myself but if I'm up for too long or try to do too much it makes me feel sick... or I need Terrell to help me get back to bed. So that part has been hard. I wasn't prepared to come home and stay in bed almost all day every day. 

But the good news is that I haven't been in a lot of pain. (Praying this continues!!) I've been uncomfortable, I've been sore, I've hurt a little, but I haven't experienced much true pain. Thank you Jesus! We just cut back on my pain meds yesterday afternoon in an effort to get me more back to normal and mobile so hopefully that doesn't cause a set back for me. I'm doing my best to follow doctor's orders... drinking lots of water, eating popsicles, not lifting or bending, eating as much protein as I can, resting, and even doing my sinus rinse in my nose... even though it's not my favorite. My post-op appointment and stent removal had to be moved to this coming Tuesday, (it was originally supposed to be today) so that was a little disappointing but I really love and trust my doctor, so whatever she says goes. She reminded me on Monday evening as we were texting back and forth with questions that the Great Physician performed my surgery and that it went awesome. That just made my week! God's grace is above and beyond!!

As for my kiddos, well I think they've handled everything pretty well. Unfortunately I've been so out of it I haven't seen them a whole lot. And normally this would really bother me and upset me.... but this week it hasn't because I've been so numb to everything. Plus I think God has just given me a huge peace about it because it was a major source of anxiety for me. I see them in the mornings and evenings and they hug me and sit in my lap and check on me and occasionally I see them mid-day, but that's about it. I haven't been able to talk much so that's sort of challenging for all of us, but seeing me out of bed and being able to hug them or smile or wave has seemed to encourage them. Even Layton. I'm especially proud of how well my baby boy has handled everything.

I can't say enough about all that Terrell and my mom have done. This would have been impossible without them. Both of my parents (and my sister) have taken on extra this week during Spring Break so that I can recover and have peace and quiet and the opportunity to rest and get well. I think the boys have had an amazing week despite things being a little different. They've had tons of fun with Granna and Papa, had some fun outings, and even had some extra time with AnAn and Piper. I'm sure this Spring Break has been one of their favorites!

(I know my in-laws would have done tons to help us out this week too if it weren't my mother-in-law's very last weeks of work before retiring. The timing just turned out bad but we haven't felt neglected by them at all! I know they've felt helpless but we've managed pretty great all week. Terrell's mom actually has the day off on Monday so she's going to be taking care of lots for us on our first day back to school and baseball. We are sooo grateful for the all of the extra and help and support we've received!!) 

And Terrell Selph is just my knight in shining armor. He has been the BEST nurse and care taker ever. I have been so amazed at how amazing he's been. =) He took off Monday and he's off today, but he's been going into work after making sure the boys are settled and taken care of and after giving me my antibiotics in bed. He's done dishes, laundry, baths, bedtime, mealtimes, taken care of things with Bailey, prepared my food, and waited on me hand and foot. He has been wonderful and I'm way more thankful for him than he'll ever know. 

Keep praying for my recovery to be quick and complete! So far, so good!! Have a great weekend and I'll plan to give another update and Spring Break review next week. =)

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