Wednesday, April 6, 2016

5 Random Things...

*The day off on Monday was sooo nice and sooo needed. Way more than any of us realized. Thank you Lord. Even though Terrell had to work and I was home all day with 3 busy boys who didn't necessarily get along or make good choices every second of the day, we were HOME. We were able to play, rest, relax, play, read, change sheets, take Granna out to lunch, rest, play, cook, etc, etc, etc. Even though it wasn't a perfect day, it was just so nice being home with all 3 boys... sleeping a little later, taking things a little slower, being a little more laid back, and just enjoying time together without any busyness at all. Garrison was pretty bummed about having to return to school on yesterday morning but a 4 day week has lifted everybody's spirits! And energy levels!

*My surgery is officially scheduled. (All sorts of emoji's I could put here to describe my feelings about this.) I am so thankful that my "issues" aren't serious and that it's working out for me to go ahead and get it over with during Spring Break, but I'm also a little nervous. Mainly about the recovery. Obviously I'd rather not be miserable and in pain while I recover but it's also really important to me that I can function and be available to my family (at least a little!) while I recover. I'm going to have lots of help so I can take care of myself and get well but I don't want to be totally out of commission for our whole Spring Break. Even though I'm not exactly looking forward to the surgery, I'm so thankful to feel God's peace about the decision to go forward with it. I mean, I have a sore throat right now simply because my tonsils just aren't that great! I've been encouraged recently and given some confidence boosts so I'm ready to get it over with and feel better!!

*Terrell and I have finally made a decision about our anniversary weekend. Sort of. Ha. Our tradition is to take a trip every year the weekend of our anniversary and it's pretty much the only time each year we're away from the boys for a few days. But this year our anniversary is the weekend following Memorial Day... which means I'll be working at least a couple of days that week while Baby A's mom has post-planning and for the first time ever we're going out of town over Memorial Day weekend and aren't coming home until Tuesday. Sooo, those 2 factors put a big damper on our potential anniversary weekend plans. We were torn about celebrating with a big/special date on our anniversary (which falls on a Saturday this year) versus a trip OR taking a trip... but when? In the middle of the crazy first week of summer after just returning home from a family trip or the following weekend when it isn't our anniversary anymore but when we could still get away and celebrate. Just 2 days ago we decided we're going forward with a trip! Not sure where, not sure when, but we're prioritizing each other and this tradition and celebrating with our annual trip! YAY!!

*Baseball season. Ohh, how do I describe thee? In a word, BUSY. In another word, FUN. In another word, CRAZY. In another word, EXHAUSTING. And I'll stop. It has just been a total whirlwind and we haven't even started games yet. Last night Terrell and I sat down to make our grocery list and menu for next week (because I'm super attached to buying groceries during the week and today turned out to be the best day this week to go) and we got so confused and worn out just looking at next week's schedule that we were both shaking our heads and feeling almost overwhelmed at how we'll get everybody fed and where they need to be. And only 2 out of 3 boys are playing baseball right now!! Once Layton starts playing it really will be impossible some nights to do it on our own. It's just pure craziness. Next week we have games, practices, and team pictures so we're having to get reeeally creative when it comes to making sure we're where we need to be on time, dressed accordingly, and FED! Gracious. I'm not counting down to the end of the season just yet because I LOVE watching my boys play and seeing Terrell coach. I love supporting our little teams and the fun we have with teammates and other moms and family members. These are lasting memories for us that will shape our boys' childhoods and our memories of their childhoods. We're having so much fun already just with practices and anticipating our games starting. However, sanity comes first. Hahaha. We must keep things as normal, easy, and stress-free as possible in order to get through this season without totally losing it. Other than some late nights, I think the kids will be fine with it all. The season ends mid-May and they're up for it. It's mama and daddy I'm worried about. Ha. Thankfully we have Spring Break off (which is also a really good thing given I'll be recovering) and thankfully the season isn't that long. If we can get through the craziness of the next couple of weeks (next week being the insane baseball week and the next being Spring Break and my surgery and recovery), I think we'll be ready to tackle the remainder of the season with excitement and energy. Oh, let it be so. Praying for rest and downtime as needed to get us through the wildness of the season!

*Lastly, we are still waiting to find out exactly what I'll be doing for the next school year. And waiting and not knowing is super hard on my planner, Type A self! I like being in the know and having a plan and preparing for said plan. So the waiting hasn't been very fun. We know that I'm going back to work part-time, we know what job we want to work out and that we are hoping and praying works out, and we know what our back-up plan is if the job we're hoping for doesn't. But that's about it. As of now nothing is official or decided, so we're left with waiting and wondering, plus lots of prayer... plus trying not to stress. This is such a big deal for our family and will be a pretty significant change for all of us that I am just having to trust God's plan big time. Which, again, hasn't been revealed to us yet. Which makes trusting in the plan sort of challenging! There are so many factors my job will effect concerning our family (the biggest being where Austin goes to school next year for PreK and our childcare needs and options for Layton) that I am ready to have something work out that we feel confident about and that we believe is best for our family. Prayers are very much appreciated and I'll be sure to update once I know the plan. =) I have a LOT of crazy issues with working outside the home and still being able to care for my family and do what's best for them, so this upcoming change and new venture is unfortunately a source of anxiety for me. BUT, we are choosing to trust in His plan, daily seeking His will, and probably above all, practicing peace and patience while we wait for Him to reveal the plan!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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