Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring Break Recap

Well, I am slowly but surely improving and recovering and getting back to normal. I still have a little ways to go, and this 2nd week has definitely seemed a little tougher than the first, but I think I've done great for the most part! So before I forget, I'm going to do a little recap of our Spring Break and the fun the boys were able to have while I was out of it and recovering. =)

The Friday before my surgery Spring Break kicked off for me with a reunion with my Dream Team. It was the BEST. We all taught 2nd grade together years ago and just clicked and worked together so, so well. We supported one another, prayed for one another, laughed together, cried together, wrote lesson plans together, and survived an epic school year together. I am so thankful God brought these ladies into my life and that we can pick up where we left off every single time. It was a great night and a super fun reunion.  

Saturday we decided on a family day since we knew I wouldn't be up for anything over Spring Break. We had a lazy morning at home and then we were off!

We spent the day shopping with the boys and letting them spend gift cards and use Christmas/birthday money and then spent tons of time at Chick-Fil-A. We ate lunch there and let the boys play and then we all had a ice cream before they played some more. We sure do love us some CFA. =)

Family day success!

Saturday night we took Nana and Pops out to eat for Pops' birthday and then came back to our house for cake. When I asked the boys how many candles to put on the cake Garrison decided on 11 for 6 tens and 5 ones to celebrate Pops' 65th birthday! =)

I think these 4 had a pretty fun night!

Sunday morning my little assistant directors helped me prepare the preschool hall for Sunday School and looked super cute while doing so. 

Sunday afternoon was spent soaking up the beautiful weather together and me working to make sure the house was clean and ready for me to be out of commission. 

First morning of Spring Break!!

My mom came to pick up the boys before lunch time on Monday to take them to a nearby state park to play and for a picnic. They had a really fun time and great distraction while I had my surgery. 

AnAn and Piper went too! And Layton couldn't be bothered with a picture. Ha!

My parents fed the boys supper and gave them baths before bringing them home and it was really sweet seeing all my babies so soon after I got home. I was out of it and sore but okay enough to smile and speak and give little hugs. Garrison brought me the sweetest card and they were all concerned but happy to see me. It was a short and sweet, but still special little reunion.

On Tuesday I think I barely got out of bed. I wasn't in pain but just really tired. I slept most of the day and drank lots of water and took pain meds and ate scrambled eggs, yogurt, popsicles, a milkshake, and a little roast beef in mashed potatoes. Tuesday was also the day my beautiful flowers arrived from our Sunday School class. They really brightened my day. So did the other cards and texts I received from friends. It really does mean so much knowing others are thinking about you, praying for you, and wanting to check on you.

Tuesday night my parents fed the boys and took care of bath time for us again, plus brought us supper. My mom sent me this picture telling me they were heading home. I missed them so much but also felt so tired/sleep/woozy/out of it that I really was okay just knowing they were taken care of. I didn't have the energy or alertness to worry about what they were doing or how they were doing. Ha. That's like the polar opposite of my normal mama-self. But it was really a blessing not being able to worry or stress over them while I recovered.

My dad is off on Wednesdays so Granna and Papa took them bowling, shopping, and out to eat on Papa's day off. I think they had a blast. =)

On Thursday the boys got to go out to lunch with AnAn and Piper. 

And by this point I think things had gotten a little wild. Hahaha. Thankfully Granna was able to handle the shenanigans and wildness. Another thing that was nice about last week was the fact that this didn't bother me. I just thought oh goodness and then let it go. Pain meds really are numbing! Ha!

Hanging out in Granna and Papa's bed while Granna made supper one night. #thelife

Terrell had the day off on Friday and got them out of the house for a long stretch that morning and then I was actually able to go see my doctor early Friday afternoon to have my stents removed. Woohoo! She told me on Monday to text her like I would my mom throughout the week with any questions or concerns. (Best doctor ever!) So after a couple of texts from me Friday morning she asked me to go ahead and come in. I felt much better with the stents removed and being able to breathe through my nose for the first time all week! I also decided to stop taking my pain medicine on Friday too. I was just reeeeally ready to feel normal again and I like I could actually have a day not spent in bed. So Friday turned out to be really good. =)

Saturday morning Terrell's parents came and picked up the boys so Terrell could cut grass and do yard work. Even though I was feeling better I still wasn't up for taking care of the boys on my own all morning. 

This is our first Spring in our house and even though the yard/flowers/landscape we inherited here is a lot of work, I'm loving it! And I'm so thankful for my talented yard man! He has our yard and flowers looking beautiful. =)

Saturday afternoon we went to my parents' house for the annual Fish Fry they have each year for my mom's side of the fam. Feeling better and better!

It was a fun afternoon for everybody and I was able to eat and enjoy seeing family and being out of the house. YAY. =)

Sunday Terrell took the boys to church while I stayed home and rested. Sunday was probably my best day. I could tell the pain meds were out of my system and I started feeling better and stronger and like I was just about back to normal. And Garrison brought me home the sweetest little note. In SS they talked about encouraging one another and writing little notes of encouragement to people you love and telling them why you love them. So sweet. 

We spent the afternoon resting for nap time and then outdoors playing. We went to our neighborhood field so the big boys could take batting practice and then we came back home and they played soccer and played on the playground and at one point they brought out all of their superhero gear and fought bad guys while Terrell and I sat and watched. It was the best afternoon.  

Layton took our picture. =)

We wrapped up Spring Break with ice cream on Sunday evening! One of my sweet friend's gave me a get well card with a DQ gift card inside. It was perfect. =)

Spring Break was WAY different this year and I missed most of it, but I'm so thankful for my parents and their extra help throughout the week and for my boys still being able to enjoy the perks of a break. Sleeping late, fun outings, endless play time, and no homework, baseball, or routine to worry about. I think it was probably one of their favorites. =)

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