Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites: Field Trip Edition!

This week has been kind of crazy. It's been extra busy and filled up with appointments, pre-op, baseball, a field trip, and a routine that's been a little off. We're tired this morning. But so thankful for Friday and our weekend and the boys' Spring Break next week!! 

I didn't take many pictures this week because our routine was off, but I did get to go on a field trip with Garrison Cade and have some extra quality time with my biggest! So here's a quick peek at my faves from the week...

*Watching my boys play baseball is always a favorite! Garrison's team is 2-1 and our #5 is having a great season so far. =)

*Ready for our field trip!! 

*Since Garrison is in school all day and Terrell takes him every morning and coaches his baseball team, it's rare that I have alone time with him. So this field trip was special for both of us. He was sooo excited I could come along with his class and that made the bus ride, wild time with tons of 1st graders, and post-trip exhaustion worth it. =)

*He was also pretty excited about some extra time with his bestie since they're in different classes this year. 

*The feather that was the highlight of the trip. Ha.

*My animal lover enjoyed the field trip and extra time with mama and I'm super thankful my mom was able to keep Austin and Layton so I could go!!

*After getting home from the field trip everybody was tired and out of sorts and to sum it up the afternoon was BAD. I'm talking fighting, crying, meltdowns, all the emotions, all the drama, all the exhaustion BAD. So when this sweet baby finally took a late afternoon nap I soaked in the sweetness and peacefulness big time. 

*So thankful for the best daddy ever to my boys! He sent me this yesterday morning after they'd practiced spelling and vocabulary on the way to school. He really is the best and I'm so thankful for him.

*Austin Selph has become way more independent with play time lately. He's creative and uses his imagination and does great playing by himself or with Layton. I'm so proud of him! He requested I make this picture of his road. And of course baby brother couldn't be left out. =)

 *Layton is into wearing hats lots right now. #overflowingwithcuteness!!

*Austin and I finally got in some writing practice this week and worked on the letters Q and R. Slowly but surely he's learning and improving!

*Speaking of Austin, our #2 had a late game last night and did awesome! I'm so proud of the youngest, smallest member on the team and his passion for the game!! He's competitive and attentive and gives every play and at-bat his all! We came up short last night but our little team played hard and had fun! Especially my baby. =)

*As surgery day gets closer and fears are on the rise, this was so needed this week. God has continued to give me reminders to trust in Him and not be afraid. I'm also reading through lots of verses on fear that have been really helpful and reassuring. (Thanks Brandi!!) 


We are looking forward to our weekend! Tonight I have a Dream Team Reunion that I'm super excited about! Our team of 8 2nd grade teachers haven't gotten together in a little over a year so our reunion is going to be a fun one! Saturday we're planning a family day and then celebrating Pops' birthday, and on Sunday I just want to enjoy the day with my guys. Our kick-off to Spring Break should be a good one! Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!!

*Quick note about my surgery... I'm going in sometime mid-morning on Monday. I haven't been told the official time yet but I would so appreciate your prayers. My recovery time is about 5 days for the septoplasty and a good 10 days at least for the tonsillectomy. Of course I'm most nervous about the recovery, especially where it concerns my family. The big boys have already shed lots of tears over their concern for me and the fact that I won't be able to enjoy Spring Break with them. Layton of course won't really understand what's going on and there's no way we can really prepare him for mama being out of commission for a while and unable to talk and pick him up and be normal for a few days too. So please pray that my recovery is swift and complete and that ALL of us handle it well. That my boys would have peace about the surgery and me as I recover and that I will have peace that they are okay and doing great while I recover. Pray for Terrell and my mom too as they share the load while I recover! I've never had surgery before and obviously have no idea what to expect with this specific surgery so these are uncharted waters for us. Thank you so much for your prayers!! Not sure when I'll be back to blogging, but once I'm up for it I know I'll be anxious to write/journal/blog again! =)

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