Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend turned out to be mostly great just like we anticipated. Unfortunately we had a few unexpected and not so fun surprises, but overall we made the most of our weekend and enjoyed it to the fullest. Here's a quick recap of the great and not so great happenings that occurred. 

Friday was a pretty fun day. I was able to take both boys to school because Terrell had to be out of town early, and despite the rain and messy weather throughout the day it turned out to be a good one. Layton and I made a solo trip to Walmart and had a little one on one time before picking up his big brothers and Friday night we celebrated Nana's retirement with family and friends. It was a special celebration filled with laughter, a delicious dinner, and just a teensy bit of stress when Layton decided to get a little crazy. Haha. We really enjoyed the night and are super happy for Nana to get to retire at the end of this month after over 30 years of working for the state of Georgia! 

Saturday morning we were up bright and early ready for Opening Day ceremonies and Garrison's first game! (Austin's game was cancelled on Friday due to all of the rain. He was so disappointed.) We made it to Opening Day and were so excited about kicking off the season, only to find out they'd made a last minute decision to cancel ALL games for Saturday. Talk about a bummer. The whole family was down about it. Even though we disagreed with the decision and how it was handled, we went forward with Opening Ceremonies and my big boys are ready to play!

Unfortunately now we have a first game conflict because they are both scheduled to play Thursday at 6:30. Ahhhhhh! Mama isn't very happy. I have to miss somebody's first game and so does Terrell since he's coaching. But since there's nothing we can do about it we just have to make the best of it and try to have a good attitude. The boys are so excited and ready to play I'm hoping that finding out their first games are at the same time won't cause major disappointment. 

The adorableness is almost too much!

We had almost the whole day Saturday free so we cleaned house, got the boys' choice of take-out for lunch, had a family rest time, and got ready for Granna's birthday celebration. Plus this precious baby love's picture was sent to us. It's one of my favorite pictures of Baby Girl!! 

We went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants Saturday night and had a really great time! With 4 little ones!! With very minimal restaurant drama!! It was a fun meal. =) 

Afterwards we went back to Anna and Frankie's house to give Granna presents and to enjoy cake and ice cream. 

Austin requested a pic with Granna before we sang...

Then we rounded up all the grands for a picture!

We had a fun night celebrating Granna's birthday. Which just so happens to be today! Happy Birthday Granna/mama/Linda!! We love you and are so especially thankful for the day you were born!!

The only damper on the night was that Garrison was clearly coming down with something. Boo! He started running a high fever and his throat looked pretty bad and we feared he had come down with strep fast and furious. Every time the Tylenol wore off his fever would spike again and poor baby was just miserable. We were up with him a couple of times during the night trying to get his fever down so we decided on Terrell taking him to an urgent care office first thing Sunday morning. 

Unfortunately Sunday morning turned out to be pretty stressful on everybody. Well, except for Layton I guess. Ha. 3 of my preschool SS teachers texted to say they wouldn't be able to make it on Sunday morning and so I was in a bit of a panic while also trying to get Austin, Layton, and myself ready for church and Garrison and Terrell out to door to head to urgent care. Thankfully I had some special ladies come to my rescue (including my sister!) and all was well with Sunday School. Garrison did in fact have strep but starting feeling better and better as the day went on despite his fever lingering around. He even took a 2 HOUR nap on yesterday afternoon! He hasn't taken any kind of a nap in a loooonnnng time. 

Thankfully Garrison woke up with a little more energy and feeling more like himself so the boys got in some outside time with daddy on a beautiful day. 

During naptime I did laundry while Terrell worked outside on this spot....
 He pulled weeds and cleaned it out and it looks amazing!! I can tell a huge difference! 

Not only is Terrell an amazing yard man, he's an even more amazing daddy! The boys loved their outside time.

It turned out to be a pretty great Sunday after our rough start to the day. =)

Today I'm home with all my boys and we're planning to take it easy. Garrison had a fever off and on yesterday so he needs an extra day of rest and downtime and that means Austin gets a bonus day off too. I'm going to soak up and enjoy my summer preview today! Plus we have a birthday lunch planned with Granna and Piper and a baseball scrimmage scheduled for tonight that we hope our biggest is up for! We hope to enjoy every moment and to keep everyone else in the family healthy and well. 

Happy Monday!!

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