Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Favorites: The Season Is Underway!

This week has been good! Plus exhausting! Plus busy! Plus fun! That's just the theme of life right now... lots of good, fun stuff but reeally busy and exhausting too. Baseball season is officially underway. =) We're just trying to go with the flow and ENJOY it the best we can! 

Here are my favorite happenings from our week...

*The day off on Monday was a big favorite for everybody! It was much needed and we all loved our mini-extension of the weekend. Once Garrison started feeling better the big boys played a game of indoor baseball in the playroom. Never a dull or quiet moment around here. Except for naptime I guess. 

*While they played baseball I changed the sheets on the bunk beds (which is the reason for the big pile of stuffed animals on the floor) while listening to music. And when our new favorite song The River came on the boys joined me for a huge dance party!! It was SOOOO fun!!! And it was a major workout! Haha! 

*I know it will always be one of my favorite memories with my boys! We just let loose and sang loud and danced our little hearts out! And afterwards Garrison said, Mama I didn't know you could dance like that. Ha! Hopefully I didn't scar him. I think I see more dance parties in our future. =)

*Lunch with the birthday girl was a fun outing! And this is the best picture I could get. Layton wasn't looking but I love how it looks like Piper is laughing at Austin. =)

*Austin and I have enjoyed reading his first chapter book together! We only have 2 chapters to go before we finish it!

*AnAn had to stop by our house one afternoon this week to drop off some things Garrison left in her room at school and Layton could just not get enough of her. I'm talking record amounts of hugs and kisses! It was super sweet. 

*On Wednesdays Terrell's dad usually picks Austin up from school for us and they go out to lunch with Terrell before he brings Austin home. This past Wednesday Pops asked us to bring Austin's Easter hat so they could get a picture in their matching hats. =)

*We enjoyed our night at home after choir on Wednesday! Of course they practiced baseball skills with the hit stick. Haha. I cleaned up the kitchen in the peace and quiet while enjoying my view out our big kitchen window. Love these boys so!!

*I got to missing these 2 for a few minutes and turned on the monitor to this sweet sight. Both in Austin's bed side by side reading and playing perfectly. Made my mama heart smile. 

*Layton has taken a new interest in Jake and the Neverland Pirates... which means our "Jake" toys are making a big comeback. These 3 played with Bucky and the Tiki Treehouse almost all morning yesterday! Independent, imaginative play is one of my favorite things!

*Last night my big boys both had their very 1st games of the season at the exact same time. While Terrell coached Austin's game and had to miss Garrison's and while I went back and forth between both fields and couldn't see every second of either one of my boys' games start to finish due to going back and forth... It. Was. So. Fun!!! The practices and crazy schedules are so worth it to watch my babies play! It is just the BEST. And both teams won!! Wooohooo!! 

*It was such a fun night watching my guys play, and daddy coach!

*And of course the cutest baby brother and fan at the ball fields was this little man. Other than getting a little tired by the end of the night he did GREAT watching and cheering on his big brothers. And thankfully I had lots of help from all the grandparents who were also back and forth between the two games all night. I am so thankful for hometown living. It's the best! 

We are all really, really looking forward to this weekend. The only thing on the agenda so far is one baseball game tomorrow at noon. Other than that we are hoping for LOTS of downtime. So thankful for a low key weekend that we plan to enjoy to the fullest! Happy Friday!!

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