Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Favorites: Getting Back to Normal Edition

Whew! We made it to Friday!! Yaaaay!!! This week has been a big, long roller coaster. I had ups and downs with my recovery all week that weren't very fun, but I'm happy to report that I think I'm really close to being fully recovered and back to normal!! Thank you Jesus. I am so grateful for how smoothly the whole process went. It wasn't fun or easy but it also wasn't terrible and miserable. I'm just especially thankful to have it behind me and to hopefully experience very little sinus or throat issues in the future!

Here are my favorites happenings of our week of getting back to normal...

*On Monday Terrell's mom came over bright and early to pick up Layton so I could continue to rest and take it easy while the big boys were at school. Monday turned out to be my toughest day and I was so thankful for the extra help! Layton had a super fun morning with Nana!!

*Garrison's Sunday School lesson continued to bless family members this week. He came home from school with a sweet card for his brothers on Monday afternoon.

*I was able to manage a few card games with my middle man this week despite not feeling so great. He was pretty excited to show me his winning card after beating me in Crazy 8s. =)

*So proud to be Austin's mom and love every minute of watching him play! He may be our team's most hard working and dedicated player!!

*My biggest and my baby eating popcorn and watching Austin play and daddy coach. This season is a busy one but I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

*Layton Selph took his longest nap of the Spring this week! Ha! Baby boy just isn't a long nap taker. Most days we hope for an hour to an hour and a half nap but on Wednesday I had to wake him up after a little over 2 hours! Getting back into the swing of things is exhausting for everybody. =)

*My handsome boys with their fresh new haircuts! 

*Family Game Night this week took on a little twist... it turned into a game of indoor baseball! Garrison and Austin have discovered a fun way to play baseball in the playroom with Terrell that involves keeping score, keeping up with outs, and keeping up with balls and strikes. They are actually playing against Terrell and trying to beat him. Layton and I both enjoyed our front row seat. It was a fun night!

*These 2 raided the dress up box yesterday! They started while I was cleaning up the kitchen after lunch and had the best time playing together until nap time. Austin even had to correct me once when I referred to him as Austin... Don't you mean Batman? Haha!

*So proud to be Garrison's mom and love watching him play! He is a strong little player and just really loves the game. Being a baseball mom is the best!!

*My baby boy loves watching his brothers play... and being right up under mama the whole game too. This isn't the most flattering picture of me but he literally rooted his way into my seat so he was able to be right beside me and the chair barely held us both! Even though he climbs all over me and can become high maintenance during games, I need to remember to enjoy it because before I know it I'll be watching him play. Waaaaahhhh! They grow up soo fast!

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: Delicious meals have been delivered to us this week that we have enjoyed so much. I'm finally back to eating *almost* anything I want and I have missed real food and meals big time! Everything has been so good and such a blessing to our family. Our SS class really is the best!!

This weekend is going to be a combination of lazy and busy. Tonight and Sunday should be lazy while tomorrow is pretty jam-packed. We're looking forward to a fun one and I am so especially thankful I should be able to enjoy it all with no pain, soreness, or issues! Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy May!!

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