Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weekend Fun!

We had a really great weekend full of fun! (If you don't count 2 really crazy moments/episodes, one on Friday and one on Saturday, when everybody lost their mind... including mama... and then everybody ended up in tears... including mama. Raising 3 boys is the BEST thing and the HARDEST thing all wrapped up together. It is challenging and rewarding and wonderful and hard. Please Lord equip me with wisdom, grace, patience, and everything else I need to raise these boys in the nurture and admonition of Christ. Amen.)

Moving right along to the great and full of fun stuff! =)

Friday after school we kicked off our weekend with lots of outside time. It's one of their favorite things and we enjoyed being out for almost 2 hours before heading to town to pick up supper. 

Immediately following supper, we enjoyed movie night. It was Garrison's day and he chose the movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Such a cute and fun movie! We made popcorn and watched most of the movie together before putting Layton to bed and then getting the big boys to bed as soon as the movie ended. 

Saturday morning we slept late!! And it was wonderful. =) We had breakfast together and then cleaned the house a little before getting ready to watch this boy play in his 2nd game of the season! 

I loved being able to watch every second of his game! I am WAY too into every single play to handle going back and forth between fields! Thankfully our next couple of games are not conflicts and I'll be able to devote all of my attention to one game and boy at a time!

We lost a close one on Saturday but our team played hard and took the loss in stride. I was very proud of Garrison for his sportsmanship and the way he handled the loss easily and without major disappointment, pouting, or devastation. He handled it great! And look who came to watch Garrison play! This adorable little fashionista!! 

After getting home from the game, this little man finally napped after lots of playing in his bed (his new naptime routine... sigh) while the big boys played in the basement and watched a show and while Terrell cut grass. 

Layton's new favorite thing!! Hey mama!

The big boys weren't left out this time! 

We spent the rest of the day outside... Layton was my little shadow while Garrison and Austin hung out with daddy. Then Terrell grilled for us and we enjoyed a rare Saturday night at home. It was the best. 

Saturday night was so laid back and carefree. It was much needed and just really nice. 

We woke up Sunday morning well rested and cold! So we wore our warm clothes to church and I snapped a selfie of me and the boys after church to pass the time while daddy had to run back inside in search of something we'd forgotten. Yay for loving church! Well Layton doesn't exactly love it right now since his separation anxiety has returned but he'll love it again soon. =)

Sunday after lunch Terrell and the big boys ran some errands while I put Layton down for his nap and started cleaning. Two realizations Sunday afternoon....1. I feel better when my house is clean and straightened. It's important to me and makes me crazy if it gets out of control. 2. My top priority/room when cleaning is the kitchen. I really don't like cluttered counter tops and a messy kitchen. A clean and clutter free kitchen makes for a happy mama. 

After the boys got home and I gave up on Layton taking a nap (the bedtime/naptime phase we're in right now is a challenging one!) everybody spent the rest of the afternoon outside. It was lots of fun and the perfect way to wrap up our weekend.  

Before the day was over we also got Layton's brand new bookshelf built by Pops set up in his room! 

It's an exact replica of the one he built for Garrison when he transitioned to a big boy room and he also made one for Austin if/when he's ready for his own room one day! It adds a special touch to Layton's room and finally gives us a good space to store all of his books and puzzles. 

Eventually when Layton gets a big boy bed, we're planning to put his bed between the windows where his crib is now, move the bookshelf to the wall to the right (where the changing table is now), and move the dresser to the wall where the bookshelf is now. All the measurements fit so this room is ready to be transformed whenever our baby is ready! But we're in no rush. This is my first time not being pregnant while having a 2 year old in the house and needing the crib back for a new sibling. So I think we'll take our time with the transition. =)

So grateful for our really fun weekend full of lots of downtime and good quality time as a family!! 

We're counting down to Spring Break this week (and my surgery... eeeek!). I'm super nervous but anxious to get it over with and for my boys to have a break. Even though it will be a very different kind of break I'm praying my recovery is swift and that the boys are really able to enjoy their time off and break in the routine. 

Have a great Tuesday!! 

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