Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites: A Welcomed Slower Week

This week has been much slower than the previous 2 and I am sooo thankful!! We haven't been party planning, I haven't had any extra "work" related things going on, we had a cancelled soccer practice, and we're counting down to a long weekend! It hasn't been perfect but it has been a very much welcomed slower and more laid back week. Thank you Jesus. 

Here's at look at our favorite happenings...

*The water slide for Austin's party was delivered on last Thursday but since we had soccer the boys had to wait until Friday night to enjoy it. The bigs had so much fun!!

*Late Saturday afternoon after baths, the 4 boys in the fam had the best time playing with Austin's new toy. Terrell showed them every trick and feature and it was so adorable watching them play together. =)

*Sunday afternoon Terrell's side of the fam came over for a little more birthday fun (our oldest niece couldn't make it to the party) and these cousins had so much fun on the water slide!

*Layton sat in laps and rested while he watched. We skipped his nap 2 days in a row so he was worn out!

*Late Sunday afternoon at the request of the big boys I went down the slide too. #funmommoment However, Layton cried and freaked out a little (I honestly think he was just super tired) so I was limited to 2 slides down before having more cuddle time with my littlest love.

*These 3 had a blast!!! We loved our weekend with the water slide! =)

*Terrell finally caught a frog to show the boys! We tried and tried to catch one a couple of weeks ago when Garrison's class was learning about frogs and toads and students were invited to bring one in but we never could. The big boys were fascinated.  

Garrison to the frog: Hey buddy (in a gentle soothing voice)
Austin to the frog: WHAT CAN WE NAME HIM?!! (in a loud and sort of crazy voice) Hahaha

*Layton and I took our first morning walk around the whole neighborhood this week! I'm desperate for more energy and some of those positive, happy, stress reducing endorphins! Baby boy was a fan. He was particularly fond of a pit stop at Granna's for some drink and a snack. #slightlyspoiled

*Austin Selph with his fellow PreK Students of the Month. =)

*I finally remembered to take a picture of Austin during soccer practice. It should be a fun season. =)

 *I made it to Story Time at the library with Layton this week! It was my first time only taking 1 kiddo and it was much less stressful. Ha! Overall he enjoyed it and did great. 

*Family Game Night with Crazy 8s! Our first game was a little fast so we decided on playing one more... and it was the game that wouldn't end. Haha. Austin finally won fair and square. Phew. It took forever but we laughed a ton and had a great time. 

*Soaking up and enjoying my special time in the car rider line with Layton Thomas. We usually read a few books, sing some songs, and occasionally watch other cars, or the UPS truck that always comes by, or any other entertainment we notice. The waiting can be long some days but I love the way we pass the time together and how excited we both are to pick up his brothers!

*The best way to start my day... In His Word reminded of His promises! 

We are SO thankful for our upcoming long weekend!! The boys have off Monday and Tuesday and we are beyond ready for a little break! August totally wore us out and we're excited to rest up and looking forward to a much better month this month! Today is Austin's Birthday Eve so tomorrow when he turns 5 the whole day is planned for him. We're kicking off the fun today and looking forward to more celebrations with our middle. Happy Friday! Happy long weekend!!!

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