Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites: Just What We Needed!

Our short week has been sooo nice! The extra long weekend was just what we needed!! After a crazy, busy, super overwhelming month of August we desperately needed a break and an opportunity to slow down, catch our breath, and rejuvenate! Yay for Labor Day Weekend and a bonus day off Tuesday!! 

Here's a look at our faves from our much shorter, just what we needed week... 

*Celebrating Austin's 5th birthday was a huge favorite over the weekend!

*He also loved his celebrations at school last Friday. Love celebrating my boys' birthdays and making them special! 

*Saturday was all about Austin turning 5, Sunday was full of church and a fun family grill-out, and Monday was just a laid back family day. We even took a family walk Monday morning and I power walked 5 mph keeping up with Lightning McQueen for a whole mile! I needed oxygen by the time we made it home. Hahaha. It was fun for the whole fam. =)

*Tuesday morning the boys slept late and we took our time getting ready before I surprised them with a trip to CFA! We ate cookies (So delish!!!) and then the boys played all morning. It was the perfect outing!

*The afternoons still feel like summer but the mornings are cool and Fall is definitely in the air! Relief is coming! =) I always like to decorate for Fall over Labor Day weekend so all of my little touches of Fall have been huge favorites this week!

*We are already in the process of planning this year's trip to the pumpkin patch. =) I am so thankful for seasons!

*Game Night with an oldie but goodie! Yahtzee may be making a comeback!

*Layton and I went on a morning walk yesterday and if my walking buddy continues to be a willing participant I'd like to keep it up twice a week throughout the Fall. #realisticgoal It was a huge workout as I tried to imagine keeping up with Lightning McQueen again and Layton only got bored/tired once or twice. I do think in the future I should just hold off on my shower until after the walk. It was so nice and cool out but I still worked up a sweat and caused distress for my hair. Haha.

*I was doing a quick scroll through FB last night while Terrell and I watched the Panthers vs Broncos and came across THIS.... Oh thank you Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

*And this morning during my quiet time there was THIS.... He has my attention with these gentle but not so subtle reminders. So thankful that He knows me and every single of detail of my little life. Every anxious thought and  concern and wondering of my heart and mind. He is sovereign over it all and He can be trusted!

We're looking forward to a pretty fun but still low key weekend. Tonight we're taking all 3 boys to see the Trojans play and tomorrow we kick off our soccer season with games for the big boys at the same exact time. Ahhhh. Time to race between fields again. =) So thankful for this short week and for the down time and fun the weekend offers! Happy Friday!!

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