Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Recap

We enjoyed a pretty wonderful weekend around here! It was a mix of fun, lazy, slow, and laid back... with a little crazy thrown in for good measure. It was good for all of us!

Friday afternoon was super laid back. The boys spent most of the afternoon in the basement building...

Then we grabbed a pizza for supper before getting ready to head out to our first high school football game of the season. We usually make it to one or two every season and this time was Layton's first!

#Fridaynightlights #GoooTrojans!

Granna and Papa came to the game too and the boys did awesome!

We made it through half-time to see our favorite Drum Major before calling it a night. We heart Max "Cool Breeze" Wall. =) The big boys really wanted to stay but we had early soccer games Saturday morning and it was already waaay past bedtime. Our Trojans came up short but we love them the same! Especially after they beat a huge rival last week. =)

Bright and early and ready for Soccer Saturday! 

Our big boys played great in their very first games of the season! 

Even though Austin's game was a little crazy and unorganized and Garrison's wasn't competitive at all they loved playing and of course loved winning. =)

Layton did great! At first. Haha. About half way through he was over it and decided he didn't appreciate being the best little brother fan anymore. It got so hot and miserable and he was tired of just sitting around so he made things a little not so fun for mama for a stretch. Thankfully we always have at least one set of grandparents at almost every single game and they were a huge help and distraction!

We were home before 11:00 on Saturday morning with nothing on the agenda for the day except football. We got the boys showered and bathed, watched the end of Game Day, ate lunch, and then settled in to watch the Georgia game. I would've made pictures but we were either super lazy or doing laundry or the boys were totally crazy so it just didn't work out. I did sneak in a nap while Layton napped and we sent the boys out of the basement due to #tooloud #toocrazy #toomuch

Saturday night I made tacos (it's rare for me to cook on the weekends so this was a treat my boys loved!) and then we let them have movie night since we were at the football game for our usual movie night. Garrison chose Madagascar 3 and we ate popcorn and enjoyed our crazy evening. Ha. Layton wasn't super into in the movie and Austin wasn't either until Layton went to bed, so we it wasn't our most relaxing movie night but still pretty fun. =)

Sunday morning selfie!

After a wonderful morning at church we had another lazy afternoon of football planned. We settled in the basement after lunch and watched the whole Falcons game. 

Layton took a great nap and I even had to wake him up!

Once Layton was up the big boys were done "resting" and it was time to play...

Things got pretty loud after a while. Plus wild and crazy. Gracious. At one point I just had to escape the madness so I wouldn't have a headache. 

We went back to church last night for a Sunday School/Deacon/Church Fellowship that was pretty fun and delicious. =) 

We had a great weekend and were so thankful for all the fun AND the downtime we enjoyed. At one point Saturday afternoon I was actually bored and wondered what I should be/could be doing. Terrell reminded me it was rare and to just enjoy it. So I did. =) 

We're back to the grind this morning with a full week of school, homework, soccer, etc ahead of us, but so thankful for our wonderful weekend!! Have a great Monday!

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