Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites: 2 Nights Off Edition!

This week we had 2 surprise nights off!! Woohoo! I know I probably make it seem like our evenings are always busy and crazy and I'm constantly overwhelmed and exhausted (which is possibly true), however, we do manage some downtime around here. We do eat together as a family almost every single night and we fit in some calm during almost every week and we really do enjoy our sports seasons. But things are in fact sort of crazy busy as a norm... and mama is almost always tired.... so 2 nights off in the same week is a BIG DEAL. And we were all super thankful!!

Here's a look at our faves from the week...

*Monday morning both Garrison and Austin told me they had things hanging in the hall they wanted me to see. Garrison's was this little story about Fall. I love it! And I'm kind of excited too!! =)

*Austin's class is doing a farm unit so they made chickens using a couple of shapes, some feathers, and their hand prints. Soo cute!! He is just loving PreK. 

*A little upper case letter recognition and matching with my baby. This was the day I decided to change things up a little so I'm looking forward to lots of letter fun to come. =) I'm loving teaching him! 

*While I was cleaning the boys' bathroom earlier this week, Layton raided the dress-up box and with my assistance became the cutest construction worker superhero I've ever seen! =)

*Monday afternoon a storm came through along with pouring rain so soccer was cancelled for the big boys. Yay for our first surprise night off! We finished supper and baths early and then had a little family gathering in the play room. It was a super laid back evening. Yay. 

*Layton's happy plate earlier this week! He is finally at an age where he understands that he has to eat at least some of what we're giving him in order to have more of what he wants OR a little dessert afterwards. Thank goodness! Things get so much easier once they understand Hey, if I suffer through 3 green beans, I can have more grapes like I want. Haha! He ate pork chops, 3 raw carrots, several grapes, bread, some baked potato, and 2.5 green beans. Huge mealtime success for our littlest man!

*2nd grade has been having penny wars for the past 2 weeks to raise money for field trips and my parents donated this entire shoe box full! It was a TON! Terrell had to come with us to school to carry it in. Ha! The boys were thrilled and so proud of Garrison's massive contribution!! =)

*Baby Girl came over to stay with us for a while on Wednesday! The age difference between Layton and Piper is almost identical to the age differences between all the boys so it's pretty fun when her and Layton are together because they're just like siblings. =)

*Wednesday evening all church activities were cancelled due to an area wide revival.... Yay for our 2nd night off! The boys love choir and Terrell and I love and appreciate our church's music ministry so much... but we welcomed another night off! Terrell got home early from a golf tournament so he cut the grass and gave the boys lawnmower rides the second we got home from school.

*Family Game Night with a classic...Don't Break the Ice. =) This was so fun for the boys and I think they possibly played 10 rounds or more. We even included Layton who was very eager for his turn each and every round... 

*Annnnd, when he finally got his turn... WHAM!! Hahaha! We had to have some lessons on the correct manner in which to tap the ice. He slowly started to get the hang of it but daddy still had to hold his hand under the ice during Layton's turn so as not to end the game every time. Haha!!

*We made it on our 2nd walk of the week yesterday morning! Yay. =)

 *Just as we were finishing our walk I got this text from Garrison's teacher! I was so excited!! Garrison is in the back left of the photo and one of his little friends was hugging/picking him up. They were thrilled. Us too!!

*A visit to the library with Layton Thomas yesterday morning sure was sweet. We have some library visits that are a tad stressful and then we have some that are so wonderful. Yesterday's was wonderful. =)

This weekend is Buggy Days! It's our small town's annual arts and crafts festival and also a community homecoming. This weekend sort of officially kicks off Fall for us every year and we are huge fans! The boys are super excited and since we don't have any soccer games scheduled we should be available for as much fun, food, booths, walking, and a parade as we want. =) Buggy Days and church is all we have on the agenda for the weekend so we're looking forward to it! Happy Friday!!

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