Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Austin's Birthday Celebrations

We had so much fun celebrating Austin turning 5!! 

Here's a recap of our little birthday traditions and celebrations with our just turned 5 year old...

Since his birthday was on a Saturday this year we went to eat lunch with him at school on Friday and took his class a cookie cake to enjoy... 2 fun and simple birthday traditions that Austin got to experience for the first time this year. He was thrilled. =) We brought him a Happy Meal for lunch and even arranged for Garrison to come eat with us too! 

We had such a fun lunch together and both big boys decided to stay at school even though they were given the option of signing out early. I'd say that's the sign of a good school year so far! 

After school was super laid back...

Then as soon as we finished supper we enjoyed movie night together with Austin's new movie Zootopia. Such a cute movie!! We had popcorn and piled up on the couch together and watched most of the movie without major interruption. Layton did have to go to bed before it was over because he was getting tired and ill but we had a really great Friday night together. 

Once all the kiddos were settled in bed, Terrell and I went to the basement to check out our brand new surround sound set-up! The previous owners of our house had surround sound installed we just needed the sound system... which Terrell received for Christmas last year. Then he got another speaker for his birthday last month and worked hard on setting everything up last week so it'd be ready to go for Georgia's first game. And I must say I'm super excited about using our bonus family room more and more! I'm trying to cozy things up a little more and I even have some fun ideas for the basement in the future. I think Terrell's man cave is going to be loved by the whole fam! =)

Saturday morning shortly after 7 we woke up to the sound of the boys playing over the monitor so we quickly got up and blew up 5 balloons and got the birthday donut ready and headed up to see our birthday boy. He was super excited and proud to be 5!

This sweet little man was so thankful for his birthday morning that he became a little emotional and almost shed a tear thanking us for making everything so good. Melt. My. Heart. The littlest things really are big things and so special. 

After a delicious and sugary breakfast we let the boys open up a little surprise from Granna that we'd been keeping a secret.... Halloween plates and cups!! 

My mom found them at Pottery Barn Kids and they are so cute and festive! Austin loved the extra bday treat.... and so did his brothers! =) 

Things were going so perfect to the start of our Saturday and Austin's birthday!! 

But unfortunately they didn't stay that way. *Big sigh*  

A while back Austin requested to go to a water park for his birthday outing (another tradition we give each birthday boy as their main gift from us) so we decided to go back to the one we visited for our big end of summer weekend at some point during Labor Day Weekend. It was perfect for all 5 of us and Austin loved it. But we woke up Saturday to a cool Fall morning and the realization that this particular water park decided to close early even though they'd previously advertised being open through Labor Day. #mamawasn'thappy #neitherwasAustin

Our birthday boy was devastated. So disappointed. So sad. So bummed. Soo upset. He cried and cried and cried. It was awful. And I felt terrible. No 5 year old should have a bad birthday! #firstworldproblems But still, it was hard. We thought the whole day might be ruined he was so disappointed. We offered another water park, we offered other outings we could swing last minute, we offered to go somewhere on Sunday or Monday once he'd had plenty of time to consider another outing... nothing sounded good, nothing was worth it, it's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to. Finally, FINALLY he out of the blue said What about Chuck E Cheese? Done!! Phew. We were so thankful he came up with something on his own and that we could make it happen!!

After lunch at Taco Bell (Austin's choice =)), we were ready to head to Chuck E Cheese!

Austin had a ball and it turned out to be the perfect outing!! It's honestly for the best that we couldn't do a water park because I'm positive we would have frozen and possibly been miserable the whole time. Haha. It was overcast all day and temps lingered around 80 I think. So yay for Chuck E Cheese!!

#everybodystandback #Layton'sversionofskiball

These 3 had so much fun!

Layton declined a picture with the big kitty cat (hahaha) but Austin finally came around and decided he'd like a birthday pic with Chuck E. =)

We came home to a fun afternoon of play time and got ready for the Georgia game!

I went and picked up pizza and as a special birthday/1st game treat we all ate in the basement! I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've ever let the kids eat away from the table inside. They loved it. 

They also loved watching the game! And it was pretty special to be together in the basement eating our pizza and watching our Bulldogs. (Terrell is so blessed with boys who love what he loves. =))

We made ice cream sundaes as another special birthday treat and Austin requested we sing to him again. We had such a fun night!!

I gave Layton and bath and put him to bed around his normal bedtime and then we decided to let the big boys stay up for the whole game. #firsttimethishadeverhappened The birthday surprises just kept coming! Terrell loved every second of having them with him to watch Georgia pull off the win! It was pretty special for all 3 of my big boys. =)

We had a great day celebrating Austin turning 5! Even though our plans changed unexpectedly, everything worked out for the best and after Georgia won the game Saturday night Austin declared it his best birthday ever!! So thankful for the day he was born and the special celebrations we enjoyed 5 years later!

I have one more birthday post dedicated to Austin before we call it wrap. The whole fam has loved celebrating our 5 year old!

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