Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Austin is 5

On Saturday, September 3rd at 8:37 AM, you, Austin Carson Selph, turned 5 years old!! And Garrison made sure to remind you when you were officially 5 and we enjoyed a whole day of celebrations with you!  

5 years ago you made me a boy mom times 2 and I am SO blessed and grateful God chose me to be your mama! You have been such a joy to our whole family from the second you arrived and we are so thankful you are ours and we absolutely LOVE watching you grow!

A Few Fun Facts About You at 5....

*You are just totally and 100% YOU. You are confident and yourself and just completely uninhibited almost always. I love this about you so much and hope you are always self confident and completely yourself no matter what!

*You are super sociable and friendly and have the sweetest and most out-going personality. You are your own kind of cool. =) You are a natural people person and teachers, friends, family, and classmates adore you. You are popular and loved by everyone who meets and gets to know you. You are funny and sweet and bring others joy easily and effortlessly. 

*You LOVE sports and are so excited about your soccer season and the upcoming football season. We are a pretty big sports family and you love them all! You're even a little expert on whatever sport is in season. You follow all the teams and are a huge fan!

*You are an awesome middle brother! You and your brothers have a special friendship that I pray continues forever. You look up to Garrison and want to be like him and you're a pretty great example and leader for Layton. The 3 of you are super close and I'm so thankful for that closeness and bond!

*You are loving big school PreK and you are totally rocking it!! You were Student of the Month for the first month of school and you're already standing out as an academic star. =) You love your teachers, have several sweet friends, and you are enjoying just about every single thing about big school. 

*You still love playing games lots! Family Game Night is one of your favorite things and you are a pro at card games!

*You still have a big imagination and are very animated when telling stories or recapping events. We never know what you'll come up with or say next. You keeping us laughing lots!

*You are mature and attentive and a pretty great listener of your coaches and teachers.

*You love to learn! You are soo eager to learn to read and you love numbers and catch onto math quickly. 

*Your favorite hobbies include collecting and trading Pokemon cards, playing sports, watching sports, playing Superheros, building with blocks or legos, being read to, playing games, and doing just about anything with your brothers.

*You are still our most cautious child and like to play things safe. You take a while to warm up to new, intimidating, or challenging things and you aren't a big thrill seeker. 

*You love.... spaghetti, the Avengers, cotton candy, Pokemon, school, chips, tacos, AnAn's room, candy, games, Power Rangers, your family, and all of our teams... The Bulldogs, Braves, Falcons, and Hawks. =)

*You don't love... trying something new and/or scary, the dark, time-out, most vegetables, going to bed early, your brothers being mean or unfair, and getting water in your face.

*You've started really loving all things art lately. It's your favorite center at school and you love to color, draw, and paint. 

*You still love sitting in our laps, you're still a big time cuddle bug, and you're still a sweet mama's boy. =)

Happy 5th Birthday Austin Selph!! We love you more than you'll ever know and we are beyond blessed to have you!!

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