Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites: Happy Fall!

Fall is officially here!! YAY!! Now we just need the weather to cooperate. =) 

This week was a good one. After much obsessing, analyzing, stressing, and even worrying over God's plan for our family for this school year (specifically me working), this week I really laid it all down and let it go. It's not in my control and all I can do is continue to pray (minus the obsessing!) and trust in God's plan. It's been such a relief and weight off my shoulders! I still have to be super intentional about guarding my thoughts and keeping my heart and mind focused on trusting in God and His sovereignty, but I can honestly say that the worrying and obsessing is gone. Thank you Jesus! So this week has been a welcomed change for me that I hope has benefited my family as well. 

Here's at look at my faves from our week...

*Letter B fun! Layton has decided he is a huge fan of the do-a-dot markers and that he could really create some serious art work with those things when given the chance. Ha!

*Tuesday afternoon Garrison read the last chapter of his Junie B. book aloud to me and requested to sit in my lap. He's 7.5 and almost as big as me, haha, but I couldn't resist sneaking in a pic of my biggest boy in my lap. =)

*My 2nd morning walk of the week with this cool dude! So far we're reaching our twice a week goal and mama is averaging a pretty fast walking mile. =)

*I just finished this book this week.... WOW. I'm almost speechless. This was my second Charles Martin book to read and this one blew me away. So intense, such a page turner, so real, so powerful. It's a story of survival... literal survival, but also an amazing love story. I loved finishing it but I also hated to see it end. I'm pretty sure I'll read this one again in the future. (And I immediately thought this should be made into a movie... and it is! I'm not sure a movie can live up to the book but I probably won't be able to pass up seeing it either.)

*Wednesday afternoon these 3 played together on Garrison's homemade race track... which they continued to tweak and change to make it better and better.

*The finished track! I LOVE listening to them play and watching their special friendship in action. 

*My handsome PreK-er ready for picture day!

*My handsome 2nd grader ready for picture day! It's so hot here we just went with polo shirts instead of something fancier that they'd probably just be miserable in. 

*Austin and one of his besties sharing a morning hug. The cuteness is just about too much!! I don't know if I've ever seen 2 more adorable friends! 

*With Fall officially arriving this week I have enjoyed my kitchen/great room Fall decor more than ever. I've kept a candle burning lots and kept rooms dark and Fall decor lit up. Ahhh. We love Fall and we can't wait for Fall weather!

*Nap time peacefulness...

*Evening bliss. =) My favorite rooms decorated in Fall decor have been huge favorites this week!!

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moments: Most of our shows are back!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!!! We LOVE watching our shows together in the evenings and we have missed that quality time together over the past several months when there's been nothing on. It's our favorite way to hang out and just good for our marriage we because we really prioritize that time together and truly unwind from the day. So we are loving having our shows back! We've also added a new one... This Is Us. We're hooked after 1 episode. We may be adding some other new ones too. (Megan I need recommendations!) We're even planning to record a show or 2 to save and watch during the summer. I'm telling you, watching our shows together is our favorite. =)

This weekend should be a good one. We've got movie night tonight, soccer games tomorrow morning, the Georgia game tomorrow afternoon... with some down time too, hopefully finishing up a school project, and a Superhero party after church on Sunday. We are so thankful for our weekends!! Happy Friday, Happy Fall!

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