Thursday, September 29, 2016

Quick Little Updates

This week has been wild and FULL and exhausting and all the emojis so I'm going to keep this quick. Hopefully I can form a coherent thought. =) 

*The main reason this week has been so crazy is because this happened....
 #Ihaven'tsatonmycouchallweek #orcooked #mamaisexhausted

(I'm hoping to share more next week and keep everything documented but first I'm going to need a recovery period. Ha.) 

*This is the other main reason this week has been wild and full... 

We are planning a pretty huge yard sale for Friday and Saturday and our garage is overflowing with all kinds of stuff. This picture doesn't even capture it all! We don't even have it all out there yet! Why do we save so much?! Haha. Yard sales are a lot of work and the timing of this one has made for even more work, HOWEVER, we have experienced yard sale success in the past and have friends who are pros (who have actually coached us... yes it's true), so we're motivated and ready!

*Sunday afternoon we had a Superhero party right after church for preschoolers and families that turned out super fun. This was my first to help plan and I think it was a pretty big success. I know these 3 loved every second. 

*I managed a little quality time with my baby Monday evening that was soo needed. I have missed him so much this week!

*We even managed to go on a short walk... only about a fourth of what we normally do but we're still counting it. =)

*The big boys got their school pics back this week. We never order but I do like to make a picture of the proofs to always have. 

*I think pose A is my favorite for both boys. =)

*Garrison's class had Grandparents Day yesterday and both of our parents were able to come to eat lunch with him. And they made a visit to the Book Fair with him. #lovelanguage

*Austin's class has Grandparents Day today. =) My boys are so blessed with these 4!!

Happy Friday Eve! I'll be back next week sometime. =) Have a great weekend!!

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