Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Another Day in the Life of Us

It's Another Day in the Life of Us! =)

Yesterday I took tons of pictures and attempted to make mental notes of every single thing about our day. It's a lot of work but definitely worth it! I love looking back and reading what we were doing on a regular  day in the past. I decided to go for it this week because things are about to get a little busier around here and I knew it might be my last opportunity for a while. (Not that I do these very often anyway... typically only once or twice a year... but still, it was time) I also wanted to document a tutoring day because it's my new gig and it needs to be documented. =)

So here's what we were up to yesterday...

My alarm goes off at 5 on week day mornings and I hit snooze once before getting up. 

By 5:43 I was out of the shower with make-up on and ready for my quiet time. (Which I have in bed while Terrell is still sleeping.) I read each day's Jesus Calling devotion (and sometimes previous days if I've missed any) and then look up the Scriptures given. 

I also like to look up a handful of these verses. I've even added a few more to the bottom of the list. Memorizing, meditating, and re-reading these verses over and over again have given me such assurance, encouragement, and peace for months. 

My quiet time is typically 10-15 minutes and then I turn off the lamp and head back to the bathroom to do my hair. At 6:10 I'm dressed and ready and waking Terrell up. Then I take out Bailey and feed her before sitting down at the computer around 6:15 or 6:20. 

I love doing most of my writing in the mornings but I especially love reading my favorite blogs in the morning and Big Mama is def one of my favorites!! That Dear Moms of littles paragraph made me laugh! And it reminded me to appreciate this very fact!

I also read Austin's Birth Story again! I've been reading back through September posts of the past... sort of a what were we doing this time last year?, 2 years ago?, 3 years ago?, etc, and I've made it all the way to September of 2011 and my middle baby's birthday. This is why I blog. =)

At 6:36 it was time for me to head upstairs to wake up my loves. 

The big boys were a little slow getting up but finally got dressed and made their way downstairs while I moved on to waking up baby brother...

While I'm taking Layton potty and getting him dressed Terrell is downstairs getting breakfast ready for these 3. By 6:55 the boys are all typically eating. 

While the boys had breakfast, I started a load of clothes, emptied the dishwasher, ate a granola bar, ate a brownie in secret #keepingitreal, and wrote notes on the big boys's napkins for their lunch boxes. As they finish eating they head back upstairs with Terrell to brush teeth and get their hair brushed, etc. while I clean up from breakfast and then pack lunches. (I always, always make lunches the night before by the way.) 

Around 7:20 Terrell gets all the boys and all their stuff loaded up in the car while I brush my teeth and grab my purse and we're typically pulling out of the driveway by 7:25. 

Ready for a terrific Tuesday!

I am loving being able to walk them in so much this year! And I'm taking advantage of it while I can since this is the only year they'll be at the same school until high school. And I'm pretty sure by then I won't even be driving them to school! Waaaaahhhh! Layton will only be in 7th grade though, so yay. =)

Layton and I got home shortly after 8 and put clothes in the dryer and made up the bed before getting ready for our first morning walk of the week. And we ran into this little lady on a morning walk herself with Granna! 

My walking buddy didn't complain much and mama got a work out so our walk was a successful one!

After our walk Layton played for a few minutes under the garage while I hydrated and caught my breath and then he was ready to go to the basement to play. His GeoTrax train is still a hit! I was able to do some things on the computer while he played independently. A win-win!

I'm going to hopefully be doing a little more "school time" with Layton a couple of mornings a week. He just does better when I have some things planned and the day goes a lot smoother. So I'm going to start focusing on some literacy activities... specifically the alphabet. We've been working on recognizing his name and the letters A-G, but I'm about to slow things down and focus on each letter for a little longer. 

I found lots of great resources at The Measured Mom so we started on yesterday with some letter A fun. He's doing great with the letter A and probably didn't need any "extra" with this one, but I wanted to try it out to see what his interest level was and what he thought about a little more structure. He did really well so I think we'll keep going! 

His favorite page in his new book!

Once we wrapped up our table time it was almost 10:00 and we decided to make a quick run to Granna's before we forgot. Garrison has family members saving pennies for 2nd grade penny wars so we had to pick them up on yesterday because this morning is the final morning. =) We hung out for a little while before heading home and tackling laundry. 

If possible I like to fold and hang up as I go in the big boy room with all of the boys' clothes. It just seems to be the best system with their clothes. We turned on our music and Layton sat on the bed and read while I worked and sang. =)

Next it was time for lunch. We were eating by 11:30 or so. Layton had a hodge podge lunch and I had the last bit of leftover taco meat which I made into a taco salad. This picture cracks me up.  

Layton played on the Kindle while I cleaned up from lunch and then around 12:15 we went upstairs to get ready for nap time. I was out of his room by 12:30 and started uploading pictures and working on this post. At 1:00 I had to go back in his room because he was still awake and I was afraid something might be up. We rocked for a minute and then I put him back down and he ended up boycotting his entire nap! Ahhhhh. This is super rare so I have no idea what was going on yesterday. 

While he talked/played/hopefully rested, I did a little more work on the computer before prepping/previewing/preparing for tutoring. While after school tutoring has been a lot different than summer morning tutoring, I am still loving it so much! I'm praying God sends me more students soon but we continue to trust in His plan and wait on His perfect timing.

I got Layton up around 2:10 and by 2:25 we were heading out the door to pick up the brothers and S (my student). 

Ready to read and sing in the car rider line!

After waiting in 2 car rider lines and picking up 3 boys, we were home by 3:18 and these 4 were ready for a snack. My mother-in-law comes over around 3:30 and takes my kiddos to the basement while I tutor for an hour. 

Since soccer was cancelled on Monday due to weather, both boys had practice last night with Austin's starting at 6:00. So the second S was picked up, I got the boys to change into soccer clothes and started on supper. We had originally planned for a breakfast supper but Terrell had an out of town closing that ran late so I was in a major rush to get everybody fed solo. I ended up scrambling some eggs and making some instant grits and frozen waffles. I just let the boys eat at the bar and I ate standing up while calling out spelling words. Ha. It was just one of those nights.

Terrell walked in the door just in time to change into soccer clothes and load up all the boys and head to the fields. Some afternoons you just barely see each other before going your separate ways again. 

I had a few minutes at the house by myself so I took Bailey out and fed her and then finished cleaning up the kitchen and started the dishwasher before heading to soccer myself. 

Austin's practice starts at 6 and they had team pictures. This is their game faces!

Terrell moves over to Garrison's field a little before 6:30 to practice with his team. He was recruited to help coach and even though he's never coached soccer before he's doing amazing. =)

Once Austin finished practice at 7 we watched a few minutes of Garrison's practice before Layton and I came home. Baby boy went straight to the big bath tub! On soccer nights he always takes a bath in our tub so that as soon as Terrell gets home with the big boys their bathroom is empty and ready for them. 

I put Layton to bed around 7:45 as the big boys were getting home. Then by 8 everybody was clean and ready for bed. Garrison read to daddy and Austin before bed. =)

Once we came downstairs, Terrell was starving so he made him a couple of sandwiches and watched the Braves while I made lunches. Which is starting to take me way too long! I've got to become faster and more efficient at lunch making!

I ended up taking a shower before bed last night (being in "work out" clothes all day and the soccer fields half the night had me feeling gross!) and was finally ready to get in bed and read around 9:45. 

I turned off the light at 10:05. Phew. It turned out to be a crazy and pretty tiring evening! 

I'm thankful I was intentional about documenting a day in this particular season... still home full time, tutoring, 2 boys playing soccer, daddy coaching 1 team, and life with a 7.5 year old, 5 year old, and 2.5 year old. It's busy and crazy but also so precious and full of blessings!! 

Happy Hump Day! =)

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