Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Favorites: 1st Week Success!

My first full week as a Kindergarten teacher has been a successful one! Yaaaay!!!! Wooohooo!! Praise the Lord!!!! 

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Despite my exhaustion I am so grateful for how smoothly things have gone overall. And, I'm really thankful that my kids weren't neglected, my husband wasn't neglected, and my house wasn't (totally) neglected during this first week. Those were all very real fears for me and I am just giving God the glory for the success we've experienced so far. And Spring Break coming next week has made a huge difference for me when it comes to being away from Layton. Post Spring Break could be pretty rough.... but this week, this mama and teacher is GRATEFUL. 

Here's a look at a few of my favorite moments from the week...

*This moment goes back to the week before last when Terrell surprised Garrison by coming for lunch. Austin had "Doughnuts with Dad" coming up (which we missed thanks to everyone being sick... so we ended up doing our own version at home) and Garrison was a little bummed about not having a doughnuts with was for PreK only.... so the best daddy ever surprised him for lunch! Terrell happened to be coming through Barnesville around Garrison's lunch time and it worked out perfect. Our biggest boy's day was MADE. =)

*I read this in the midst of everyone being sick last week. The week that about did me in and caused a nervous breakdown. Not only was it timely for last week, it was also a much needed reminder for me as I am pretty much always tempted to look ahead, plan ahead, and worry ahead. Who knew my New Year's resolution for the year would be almost impossible for me. Ha. Focusing on the present and taking one day at a time is big ole challenge for me... and I fail a LOT. But I do think being intentional and trying has at least helped a little.

*My middle man's 1st game of the season was a pretty great one. =)

*And so was his 2nd! One day soon I've got to get some pictures of Garrison playing!

*After school, post-homework downtime. Ahhhh. A much needed breather before the supper time and practice rush begins.

*I only made it to the last few minutes of Austin's practice Monday night but it was a great night for baseball. And the miracle of miracles is happening for me.... I've had very little Spring allergies so far!! Almost non-existent! I'm using my nose spray daily but this is HUGE for me. Obviously my surgery really paid off! YAY!

*The boys are back into Power Rangers right now and Layton is almost always in character when we're home. Even right before bedtime. =)

*One of Austin's teacher's sent me this picture of him and one of his besties waiting on an appearance from Pete the Cat at our Fine Arts Center. Love these 2 and their sweet little friendship!

*The same day I got a picture of these 2 bestie-cousins from my mom. They love off-roading together. =)

*A new request for the boys lately is that we have reading time together before going to bed. Normally Terrell and I alternate nights of who puts the big boys to bed and who puts Layton to bed and we read to them separately. But this week we had 2 nights of reading together that was pretty special. Even if the boys got on my nerves or made me a little crazy I was intentional about soaking up the moment because I wanted to remember it. These days are some of the best days. 

*Garrison wrote this short story during his "free choice" center time on yesterday and I love it. The title is supposed to be 3 Guys. My favorite line.... They were famous and victorious. =)

*Pre-game pictures! Hahaha! 

*Oh these boys of mine. They make me crazy and melt my heart just about constantly. =)

We are kicking off Spring Break this afternoon!! We're looking forward to some special family outings, extra rest, extra fun, and extra downtime! We are all excited and ready! Happy Friday!!

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