Thursday, March 2, 2017

5 and 1/2

I like doing half birthday updates through age 5 and 1/2 because they are growing and changing so fast and I want to document and remember every little change and detail.... and tomorrow, our middle man will be half way to SIX! Almost a full blown big kid!! Leaving behind the little years and embarking on the school years! How can it be?!! 

 It pulls on my heart the way time moves so fast and my babies become bigger and older so, so quickly, but watching them grow is my greatest privilege and blessing. We are so thankful for the contagious joy and fun Austin brings to our family. And that front row seat to his babyhood, toddler-hood, and childhood? It's a priceless one that we are savoring.

Fun Facts at 5 and 1/2:

*You are enjoying PreK and big school lots. You have several sweet friends with a few best friends, you're super popular, and you love to learn. 

*You look up to Garrison and you love being a big brother to Layton. Your brothers are your absolute best buds and favorite people. I am so thankful the 3 of you are so close!

*You are our most sociable little man and a big time people person. You love people and they love you back!

*You love sports, playing and watching! 

*You are laid back, go with the flow, cool as a cucumber, Type B, and just like daddy most of the time. It takes a lot to get you down and you don't stay down for long!

*You love to dance (we credit "music and movement" time at school with this). You don't mind attention. You are carefree, confident, and totally uninhibited. 

*Your favorite hobbies include playing outside, playing on the iPad/"technology time", imaginative play with your brothers, playing games, and watching your favorite shows.

*Your favorite foods are tacos, yogurt, raisins, spaghetti, chips, chicken tenders, yogurt melts, grapes, scrambled hamburgers, and candy. =) You aren't a huge fan of chocolate, vegetables, or most carbs. You are definitely our biggest meat eater though.

*You *usually* take a little while to go to sleep most nights. Although lately you've been going to sleep earlier and faster so maybe you're setting a new trend?? =) Before the past few weeks it would typically take you a while to get settled, sleepy, and fall asleep every night.

*You love numbers and catch onto math quickly. 

*You are attentive, mature, respectful, and smart.

*You love to sit in our laps, be carried up the stairs, have your back scratched, and to be close to us. 

You are our amazing middle man. Fun loving, happy, sweet, laid back, YOU. Can't believe you're halfway to 6!! We love you more than you know and are soo thankful for you!! Watching you grow is one of our favorite things ever!! Happy 1/2 birthday Austin Selph!

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