Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty sweet weekend and wrap up to our Winter Break. I'm pretty sure we are, for the most part, ready to take on this brand new week and jump into our new normal.... mama preparing to work full time and baseball season. Dum, dum, dum. Who am I kidding? We'll never be ready, we'll just do the best we can to adjust, enjoy, and make the most of it. =) 

Friday around lunch time we met Terrell for a quick trip to Walmart for a few items, mainly brand new helmets for our now bike-loving, bike-riding kiddos, then we had a lunch date at Taco Bell. And on Friday afternoon after nap time the boys and I went on a walk together to test out the new helmets. (Layton drove his tractor so technically his hand-me-down helmet wasn't needed.) This weather has made walking around our neighborhood my new favorite thing. 

Friday night we had leftovers and sandwiches before enjoying our first movie night in quite some time. 

Popcorn and snacks are always a big highlight of movie night. =)

Saturday morning we slept as late the boys would let us, 7:15ish, and I woke up to this! Oh my sweet, precious baby Layton! Baby fever strikes again!!

And now he's a big 3 year old helping daddy in the yard. =) We spent Saturday morning cleaning inside and then cleaning outside. The boys played and helped daddy with yard work while I ran some errands and bought groceries. 

Then on Saturday night we made yet another trip to Walmart for an exchange before meeting my side of the fam at La Purilla. Soo good and so much fun! 

Our family's new thing lately is looking at the stars at night. Anytime we get home after dark we make a point to gaze at the stars and really appreciate their beauty and our Creator. The boys actually laid in the driveway for 10 seconds or so looking at the stars Saturday night when we got home. My hands were full or would've taken a picture. I highly recommend star gazing. =)

Sunday morning was cold! So we bundled up and and went to church in our Winter clothes. Haha. My family humored me with another selfie. Sort of. Ha.

Unfortunately Sunday when we picked Austin up from SS, he wasn't feeling well, and sure enough he came home with a fever. Boo. He took some medicine and went straight to bed for almost 2 hours! He perked up after his nap and ate and played a little outside but we still aren't 100% sure about the school day today. And I have to work so trying to figure out a plan for him hasn't been fun. Something I'm definitely not looking forward to when it comes to working full time. =(

I did have a chance to read and rest a little on Sunday afternoon.... a Sunday afternoon requirement whenever possible. =)

 After Layton and Austin were both up from their naps and ready to play outside with Terrell and Garrison I got started on lunch prep for the week. I started trying this out a few weeks ago and once we realized it made a huge difference in our week nights, we ordered 2 sets of these lunch "plates" and they've worked perfect. I make the big boys' lunches for Mon-Thurs and on Fridays they take a lunchable, applesauce, and a granola bar so I don't have any prep for Fridays. I leave out the cold stuff until the night before or morning of, and any day they're taking leftovers I warm that up and include it the morning of... and they may or may not need their lunch plate that day. This also doesn't include their side of yogurt or some type of fruit I always put in a separate container.

This is a sample of today's lunch. We do sandwiches on Mondays only because you can't prep a sandwich for Thursday on Sunday afternoon. Our boys typically take similar "sides" each day... chips, raisins, freeze-dried fruit, dry cereal, a granola bar or half of a granola bar, yogurt melts, or some type of crackers. I try to do different combinations for each day so they aren't taking the exact same thing all the time. I also throw in some "dessert" in the form of a few pieces of candy. It's a great way to get rid of the candy we get for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, etc. 

It's time consuming and messy to do it all at one time, but for us and this season, it's worth it. Making lunches keep me in the kitchen way too long on school nights so this is just the best solution for us. I want my evenings (especially those evenings after working all day) to be as relaxing as possible. They're still busy but at least I have 1 less big job to do each night.

Once I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and got all of our lunch food put away, the boys came in for showers and we got ready for our usual Sunday night breakfast supper. Then we did more of school night prep of laying out clothes, getting bags ready, etc. We also watched an old episode of Deal or No Deal together. Haha. The big boys discovered this show by accident and love it. 

We had a pretty great wrap up to our Winter Break. Hopefully we're ready to get back into the school year groove this week! Have a great Monday!!

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