Monday, February 6, 2017

Garrison is 8

Garrison Cade, you are officially 8 years old!! (As of yesterday at 12:33 PM =))

 Our firstborn baby boy, the one who made us a mama and a daddy, the one who taught us, and is still teaching us, so much about love and joy and parenthood is 8. It is flying by oh so fast but we are loving our front row seats. You are learning, growing, maturing, and changing and we are so excited about all God is doing and will do in your life. 

When I think of your biggest and best personality trait, I think of your heart. You have the sweetest, most sincere, and biggest heart. You feel deeply, you think deeply, you love deeply, and you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are the most thoughtful kid I know and you genuinely care about and are sensitive to others and their feelings. Your thoughtfulness and big heart blesses your family and those around you more than you know.

You are a really amazing big brother. You and your brothers can fight like crazy and even brawl on occasion, but y'all love each other so much and have the sweetest, closest friendships. You 3 are each other's favorite people. You are especially thoughtful when it comes to them and it melts my heart to watch you care for your little brothers, defend them, and love on them. While you were opening presents at your birthday party Austin got a little bummed because he saw your Pokemon collection growing and as soon as you realized why he was upset you said, Can we take some of my birthday money and buy Austin some more cards? I'm telling you, your heart is just thoughtful and tender.

You favorite things right now as a newly turned 8 year old are Pokemon, Words with Friends, your Fit Bit, Game Night, spaghetti, your family, the beach, making things out of paper, riding your bike, tacos, sports, chocolate, family outings, your best friends, our teams... The Falcons, Hawks, Bulldogs, and Braves, books about animals or superheroes or weird but true facts, and playing outside.

You inherited lots of my genes and traits and it's been a crazy and challenging adventure parenting someone who is similar to me! You are a thinker and a pleaser, therefore sometimes a worrier. You are passionate, you question things, you're a perfectionist, you're competitive, you want things to come easily, you challenge us on a regular basis, and you LOVE sweets. =) 

A few fun facts at age 8.... 

You have become our early riser lately and wake up earlier than you should some mornings!

You read books in bed every single night and you love nonfiction. 

You are still loud, physical, and rough. You have the sweetest, gentlest, most calm side, but at home, in your safe place, you are loud and rough. =)

You receive some of the sweetest compliments from the grown-ups in your life about your thoughtfulness, maturity, and kindness.

You are a little on the dramatic side. I'm afraid that trait comes from your mama too.

Your daddy is your hero. 

You LOVE to collect things.

We are so thankful for the priceless gift of being your parents. Watching you grow and celebrating your birthday with you every year is one of our greatest, most treasured blessings. We love you every minute of every day forever and always!! Happy 8th Birthday Garrison!! 

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