Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites: Winter Break Recap!

We've been on Winter Break from school all week and have enjoyed our time off to the fullest!! Originally we thought we'd be laying low all week doing nothing while Garrison recovered from his tonsillectomy.... but after that got postponed it left us with a week of absolutely no plans. (Other than baseball starting) And I think it's exactly what we needed! We've been home most of the week just playing. Lots of outside time, lots of downtime, lots of laundry, ha. Even though it hasn't been full of exciting plans or outings it's been a much needed BREAK, and we've enjoyed it lots

Here's a recap of our Winter Break fun...

*Last Thursday afternoon was all about our PTCO Little Debbie Fundraiser. I think it's safe to say the fundraiser was a huge success! We were pretty proud of our big fundraiser. =)

*Our amazing President even painted a ceiling tile at Art Night in our honor!! Love our team of ladies and have so much fun working with them!

*Celebrating Layton Thomas on Saturday was definitely a favorite. =) 

*Our "early/pre-afternoon" parties are sometimes a bit stressful due to not allowing much time for party prep on party days, but the reason we continue to have our parties early is because we LOVE the downtime that follows after everyone leaves. Playing with toys, extra time to clean up the inevitable party mess, and even a few minutes to crash. It's the best. Terrell had time to assemble toys and Layton and his brothers had time to enjoy them. =)

*Saturday night we had another party to celebrate... My Paw Paw turned 91 and he and my Granny (just before Christmas) celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary!

*We had such a fun night celebrating with this special couple and tons of family. What an amazing testimony of commitment, love, and God's grace. 

*Then on Sunday we celebrated again! After church and nap time our newly turned 3 year old got his new big boy bed!! Hand-made by Pops!! (We don't have a comforter yet because I can't seem to find the one. Sigh. I want something that will grow with him and that goes with the decor and look we already have in his room. Hopefully we'll find one soon!) I'll have to do a little tour once everything is finished. He is doing GREAT with the transition. I really think him being 3 has made it super smooth for him and no big deal. After Terrell and his dad got everything set up we got ready and went out for Nana's birthday. It was a fun Sunday. =)

*Terrell had the day off with us on Monday for President's Day and we took advantage of a beautiful morning and went on a family walk. My favorite.

I love our neighborhood and that family walks are so easy and doable. 

I also enjoyed my view and the exercise I got keeping up with my guys.

*Then on Monday night, baseball started!! Our recreation department scheduled an early opening day so we started practices this week. And it was kind of nice easing into the new routine during Winter Break. The big boys have practices back to back on Mondays and Thursdays and we *think* we have a plan to tackle the craziness of those nights. I'm not loving the too late bedtime for my oldest on those nights but we are VERY excited to have Tuesdays and Wednesdays (other than choir) off!!!

*On Tuesday Austin had his very first cleaning at the dentist and he did great! He did have one small cavity but we were able to have it filled yesterday in about 10 minutes. I was really proud of my middle man. =)

*On Wednesday morning the boys and I set off for another morning walk. So fun.

*Then on Wednesday night we let the boys have their very first sleepover! Melt my heart. They didn't make it all night but only because Garrison is an "active" sleeper and kept rolling over into Layton and waking him up. So around 11:30 Layton was sitting up reading. Hahaha. So Terrell went ahead and moved the big boys back to their beds and everyone slept the rest of the night just fine. We've done several little sleepovers this week... with different combinations of brothers... and we're thinking this might become a more regular thing. =) 

*We've played outside a TON this week. It's actually felt a little more like a Spring Break than a Winter Break. I don't want to complain about beautiful weather but I am a little bummed it appears we basically skipped Winter this year. Maybe there's still a chance for some Winter precipitation?!? Haha.

*We also made a trip to the library this week and came home with lots of good books. I know I'm really enjoying mine. =)

*A few serious games of Connect 4 have happened too.

 It's been a productive week, a laid back week, and an overall amazing week. We've had some moments of fighting and attitudes I could've done without, ha, but all in all this week made me want to consider homeschooling. Haha! I just love us being together. Most of the time at least. =) 

Today we're going to enjoy the day with a trip to Walmart, lunch with daddy, movie night, and possibly another "sleepover". And this weekend our plans are still a little up in the air. We aren't exactly sure what we'll be doing just yet but mama's main goal is soaking up these last few days of our break and savoring every minute. It's been a really good one and I know next week is when things get real. I'm already scheduled to work a couple of days, tutoring resumes, baseball continues, and the school year and daily routine marches right along. I'm a little intimidated but really hoping I can focus on one day at a time and enjoy the present. =) Happy Friday!!

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