Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites: Getting Back on Track Edition

This week has been much better for me than the past few. Thank goodness! There have been a couple of rough spots (and I am most definitely worn out given my work schedule this week) but nothing that couldn't be cured with prayer, family time, couple time, and laughter. So glad to be past (for now at least) that funk. My marriage was suffering, my sleep was suffering, and I was just all over the place with my emotions and worries. This week has been much better... more even keel, less stressful, more normal. Yay. =) 

Here are my favorite little moments from my week of getting back on track...

*My most favorite part of the week was spending the day Saturday with my very favorite people and doing something super FUN. This was the turning point for me that snapped me out of it. I highly recommend carefree fun with your people if you're struggling with being overwhelmed or down or stressed. Tension and worry were replaced with laughter and good times and it was the best.

*Monday morning was so hard on our Falcons loving hearts. I'm telling you that Super Bowl loss was the toughest sports loss I've ever experienced. The Braves have had some tough ones but the Super Bowl loss takes the cake for me. Thank goodness I had this little cutie to help cheer me up. =)

*On Monday we also decided to surprise Garrison and Austin at school for lunch. We all needed a happy distraction on Monday! They were SO surprised and we all enjoyed our little dates lots

*Monday afternoon Terrell got home from a meeting early so we spent some extra time outside. It was the best. #baseballboyslivehere

*This week we introduced to Layton to one of our favorite games. He didn't fully understand it but being able to participate was enough for him so it worked out great. We don't want to only play the games Layton can play all the time because that isn't fair to Garrison and Austin. Sometimes we need to pull out games when he's already in bed or to include him in an older game. Our first go turned out pretty successful. =)

*Garrison cashed in Trojan bucks to have lunch with AnAn on Wednesday.... and since I was working the 3 of us got to eat together! Such a treat!! The perks of having AnAn at school are priceless! Moving to the elementary school next year for my big boy is going to be tough on us all. 

*Layton has had fun at Granna's this week while I've been working. And I think he broke a record with this train. #longestever #mostuniquepassengersever #cutestengineerever =)

*Having a few touches of Valentines decor around the house have been a favorite this week. I'll probably never go all out on Valentine's decor because it's right in the middle of our birthday parties and celebrations, but a few things here and there are always fun.

*Garrison made this in PreK for Valentine's and I've always loved it.

*And I couldn't resist this dish towel for a $1.50. =)

*AND, this week we started our I Love You Because hearts. (I wrote about the details in this post.) It's already been a hit and the boys are loving writing down what they love about each member and why they love each member. It's the sweetest and I'm so glad I made the time to get those hearts cut out and get our little project started. We're excited to keep filling up the jar and then to read them on Valentine's night! 

This weekend is a special one. We're kicking things off tonight with a family dinner at my Nanny's, tomorrow morning we have a play date scheduled for the boys, tomorrow afternoon Terrell and I are headed out for our first date day/evening in a really long time, and Sunday our baby boy turns 3! We are looking forward to it all and so thankful for our simple, yet special plans. This morning I'm off to another day in 1st grade. =) Happy Friday!!

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