Monday, March 27, 2017

Last Week

So last week was a huge blur. An exhausted, crazy, stressful SICK blur.

I missed blogging, taking pictures, and honestly just feeling like myself. It was a rough one. I'll start from the beginning.

On last Saturday Terrell started with symptoms of the flu and ended up in the bed ALL weekend long. Opening Day of baseball was cancelled due to rain for the 2nd year in a row but it actually turned out to be a blessing given how sick Terrell was becoming. Our plans of taking Layton on his birthday outing were postponed and I basically spent the weekend giving Terrell medicine, keeping him hydrated and fed, and attempting to feed, entertain, and parent my 3 little men. I suspected the flu early on and started sleeping on the couch and keeping everybody as far away from Terrell as possible. It wasn't anything close to the fun weekend we were planning for. It was the opposite. Boo.

Monday the boys and I were off from school so I was able to take Terrell to the doctor first thing while my mom watched the boys. Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed when Terrell tested positive for the flu. We picked up his medicine, came home for him to go back to bed, and then Layton and I hurried off to his 3 year well check-up. Because we were late I had a longer wait than usual and Layton was out of sorts and not very cooperative, but we everything looked great and we're thankful for our healthy growing boy! I grabbed fast food for lunch and we all ate my mom's before coming home and checking on daddy while also staying clear of him. Paranoia had set in for this mama.

Monday night was hard. I took on taking care of everybody in the house on a school night while feeling drained and exhausted thanks to a weekend full of taking care of everybody solo, and sleeping on the couch... which isn't the best sleep.

Tuesday morning came and the big boys and I were all preparing to go to school while Terrell's mom kept Layton and kept tabs on Terrell. But unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. Sigh. Garrison woke up with a pretty high temp and feeling terrible. I had to miss my 3rd day of work with my new class! We suspected him of having the flu or strep so there was no way I could leave him with someone while I went to work. It was awful and stressed me out big time. Working mom guilt and new job guilt set in and about did me in. It was a terrible feeling. So I took Garrison to the doctor first thing Tuesday morning.... and thankfully "the doctor" is one of my besties who didn't mind seeing our fam multiple times last week! He tested negative for the flu (Praise the Lord!) but positive for strep. And for once we were actually thankful for a strep diagnosis.

So once again we planned to head to school together on Wednesday (and by this point Terrell had turned a corner and was feeling MUCH better).... but Austin started complaining with his throat and running a fever and Garrison's fever came back. So were home yet again on Wednesday. Mama was spent and my nerves were shot. We got Austin started on an antibiotic and planned for school on Thursday.

Change of plans. Again.

Thursday the boys woke up with low grade temperatures and crying because of not feeling good. Sigh. I went to school but Terrell stayed with the boys until his mom could come over and then he went into work for a few hours. Thankfully as the day went on on Thursday they seemed to feel better and better and we thought for sure we finally had everybody well.

Then came Thursday night. Do you see a theme here? Not so fun surprises occurred everyday! It was so draining and discouraging. Terrell and I couldn't sleep and I was fretting and worrying about everything kid related, school related, and working full time related and then Garrison woke up around 3:30 in the morning running a high fever. What in the world?! So then we were up the rest of the night trying to figure out a game plan for the next day. Thankfully Dr. Brandi came to the rescue again and determined we needed to change Garrison's antibiotic. And that did the trick! #allthepraisehands

Other than a little excitement on Saturday night when Layton got hit in the head with a toy by accident and had to be taken to urgent care for glue, we all got back to normal over the weekend. Fever-free, flu-free, strep-free, SICK-free! Finally!!!

Last week was one for the record books. It was pretty terrible. But we are soooo thankful for a best friend who is a Nurse Practitioner, a retired Granna and Nana, and living here in the hometown. That made all the difference for us during a really hard, stressful, and very sick week.

This week we are hoping to get back to normal. Back to school, baseball, choir, tutoring, and our regular routine. And if we can make it through this week, we'll make it to Spring Break!!

This will be my very first 40 hour work week with 3 kids, a "side job" tutoring, and also trying to make it to our extracurriculars. Soo, I'm not sure if I'll blog again this week or not. I absolutely LOVE blogging and I reeeally want to continue, but I've also given myself permission to do whatever I need to do to give myself a break as we adjust to this change. Prayers are appreciated as last week reminded me in a BIG way that I don't handle having a ton on my plate very well. It definitely doesn't bring out the best in me. But Spring Break is on the horizon and we'll survive the craziness of me working one way or another!

Happy Monday! Have a great week!

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