Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Weekend Goodness

This past weekend was full of goodness. Special, sweet, normal, fun, elaborate, simple, and romantic all wrapped up in one. It's one to document and remember for sure. 

So last week Terrell asked me out on a date for Friday night (I love when he asks me out!) and he totally surprised me! He told me the kiddos needed to spend the night away so he could whisk me away to one of our favorite fancy restaurants and so we could have the entire evening to ourselves with no curfew. =) He's the best! When he first asked me out he didn't mention his plans so I thought he wanted to go to our local Mexican restaurant. Ha! That would've been fine too but I was super surprised when he revealed his plans to me. =) So we finally worked it out and Friday after Terrell got off work and his parents came to pick up the boys we set out for our romantic date night!

We went to Downtown Grill in Macon which is one of our favorites!! I'm stilling smiling over the fact that he planned this for us. =) We celebrated an anniversary or two there while we were dating, possibly a birthday, and we went there for our 10th wedding anniversary. It's always so good, so romantic, and it holds a special place in our hearts.

Their cheese grits are amazing! Everything is really, really amazing.

And this time I was determined to save room for dessert. So I skipped a salad, ha, and we enjoyed this delicious ice cream pie. Sooo good!  

We came home full and sleepy and crashed Friday night. Our dinner and date night was the best! We had an amazing time together and I loved every second. 

We slept in a little Saturday morning and just enjoyed an easy, slow morning before heading out for baseball practice and meeting up with our babies. Garrison's team had practice and since I never get to watch him practice I enjoyed seeing him and his little team. 

It was chilly but a beautiful morning.

After practice we came home for lunch and then got ready for Austin's best bud's birthday party! 

Our kiddos had a ball. Thankfully Layton finally warmed up to everything so he could enjoy himself too. 

Austin with another bestie!

After the party we came home and settled in for the evening and the time change. Our baby boy was in a terrible mood and just exhausted. He didn't sleep well at Nana's and Pops' house the night before so he was just miserable... and making the rest of us miserable too. We put him to bed around 6:00 (7:00 new time)! After supper he was just about inconsolable he was so tired and ill! Thankfully he got a good night's sleep and even slept late Sunday morning!! Baby boy was TIRED.

Saturday night before bed I was able to read Jesus Always and loved that it was about focusing on the present. I am enjoying this devotion so much. And the new study on 1st Samuel from First 5!! I highly recommend them both!

 Sunday morning we enjoyed a special dedication with our SS class in our brand new room (we have the most special class!) before coming home for REST. That time change is a doozy! Layton napped, the big boys watched Swiss Family Robinson, I cleaned bathrooms, Terrell did laundry, and then we napped for a little stretch too. The return of Winter and freezing weather combined with the time change made everybody lazy!

On Sunday at 5:00 we turned on our new favorite soccer team to watch them play... in the snow! Atlanta United is an expansion team for MLS and we lost a close game last Sunday but this Sunday came away with the win against Minnesota! We are hoping to take the boys to a game in future. Maybe next season. =)

At half-time we all loaded up for take-out and I took a drive-thru selfie. Ha. We're having a version of breakfast supper later this week so we decided to skip our usual Sunday night breakfast. We ate our fast food gathered around the bar so we could see the end of the game. It was pretty fun.

The boys wrapped up the weekend with an episode of Paw Patrol and then we all read books together in the big boy room before getting everyone settled in bed for the night. 

The whole weekend was full of goodness and one of my favorite ever! We still had meltdowns by Layton, a little fighting amongst the boys, a parenting challenge here and there, and some time change exhaustion, but it doesn't have to be perfect to be perfect. We loved our couple time and we loved our family time. It was pretty awesome start to finish and this wife and mama is SO thankful. 

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