Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites: Ready or Not Edition

What a week!! TGIF and yay for weekends!!

So this week I was on stand-by knowing that I could start my new job at pretty much anytime. I was told to be ready to go come the 21st, but this week was a stand-by week. So I took a couple of days off to be home with Layton and tried to do some cleaning and ran some errands, etc. fully expecting to start on Tuesday the 21st. But the call came Wednesday morning and yesterday was my first day with my new class full of Kindergartners. Ready or not. Phew! It's been a roller coaster of a week. Knowing that change is here and we aren't looking back... at least not until this summer... has been a little tough to accept. Plus overwhelming. My heart is home with my boys so the thought of working full time feels unnatural and super intimidating. But I've definitely felt the Holy Spirit gently reminding me that I'm not in charge, this isn't about my plan and what I think is best, it's about His plan and what HE knows actually is best. Oh blessed assurance! 

Here's a few pictures and a quick look at my favorite moments from the week...

*Austin cashed in some of his Trojan bucks on Friday to have his "name in lights". =) He was SO excited and loved the whole process. I must admit I'm pretty smitten with his name (and picture!) in lights too. 

*Monday night baseball was cancelled due to freezing temps and rain so we enjoyed being home and warm together. Twister was the game night choice and pretty fun to watch. Layton participated a little but mainly ran around on the mat or got in the way. Haha. Everybody was cracking up throughout the whole game. =)

*Baby boy was ready for the cold weather this week! Ha! He loves his Winter weather gear.

*This was the same day he begged and begged and BEGGED to ride his tractor and "cut the wet" (grass). So while Terrell was grilling in the freezing cold, we bundled Layton up and let him ride around the backyard a few times before making him park the tractor and come in. Of course he had a huge meltdown after that because HEARTBROKEN, but I sure did love watching him do his favorite thing from the window. If his love for being outside continues I seriously see him choosing a career that allows him to be outside a lot. Sometimes I think he would stay out all day long if we let him. 

*I loved my quality time with my littlest man earlier in the week. Zingo is always a favorite. 

*My quiet time yesterday morning that led me to verses in Isaiah 40 and 41 was a much needed favorite as I prepared to embark on my 1st day.

*Happy St Patrick's Day from my guys in green! =)

*Favorite Quote of the Week: Your assignment was designed just for you because you have what it takes. ~Wendy Pope, today's First 5 devotion (I read this this morning!! Wow. SO timely.)

The great thing about starting work on a Thursday is that today is Friday! YAY!! Yesterday was extremely long because immediately following the school day I tutored and then we had baseball.... and honestly the busyness and exhaustion of the day didn't help my confidence and peace going forward about things, but today is a new day and I actually have a long weekend with the boys that I am sooooo grateful for. We are excited to kick off baseball with opening day on Saturday and *hoping* to finally take Layton on his birthday outing. I am looking forward to the long weekend big time! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

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