Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites: Getting Closer Edition

This week turned out much busier than we were expecting but thankfully we got back to normal around here! For me this week was all about trying to prepare myself for working full time and getting things done around the house. I'll never be ready to go back to work but I'd like to be somewhat prepared. We're getting closer to the big day and still don't know for sure the exact date, but it's coming soon ready or not! Eeeek!! It's a little scary but I'm so thankful for what this opportunity will provide for our family and for a wonderful Granna and Nana to take care of my baby. 

Here's a look at my faves from the week...

*Austin's class learned about shadows and reflections last month his teachers made a silhouette of each child. I LOVE Austin's!! Definitely keeping this little treasure. 

*Garrison Cade lost another tooth first thing Monday morning while he was eating breakfast! And he pulled it himself!

*One of my "students" made this for me this week. I love that I'm tall with long legs. =)

*Wow. So true. Such a reminder. So good.

*I have savored my time with my littlest love this week. I've worked a little more than normal so my time with him has been pretty special.

*Game Night with Eye Found It! My guys all searching hard. =)

*So this little man hasn't been very pleasant to take to the grocery store lately. We've talked about trying the whole ordering online thing and then picking up at the store but right now I don't even have the time to order online and then drive the next town over to pick everything up. So. I have to purchase my groceries the old fashioned way. Ha. Two things lately have saved us from embarrassing moments and/or meltdowns while grocery shopping.... the free cookies for kids (why did I not know about this sooner??!!!) AND taking him a piece of bubble gum to chew once he's done with the cookie. Soooo helpful! #thankfulmama

*Our alphabet train is growing! =) I'm going to miss my little teaching opportunities with him. Waaaahhh! Hopefully Granna and Nana are up for the challenge and my mama-teacher heart will be okay.

*On Mondays and Thursdays we have back to back practices with the big boys... Austin's is at 5:45 and Garrison's is at 7:15. Terrell coaches both teams so he takes Austin to practice after we eat a rushed supper at 5, and then Garrison, Layton, and I head out later (after I've cleaned the kitchen) to watch the 2nd half of practice.... and when Austin's is over I take him and Layton home while Terrell and Garrison stay for Garrison's practice. It's a crazy long and tiring night on practice nights. Garrison gets home so late we decided to start letting Austin and Layton sleep together in Layton's bed on practice nights so they can get in bed at their normal bedtime. It's working out perfectly so far and I'm so thankful! Last night Austin "read" to Layton by flashlight before they fell asleep. It was the sweetest. #melted

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind but still good. I've SO appreciated having lunches made ahead of time (and not having to wash lunch plates every afternoon! pre-made lunches are a new requirement for me!), I'm thankful I've been able to have a little extra time with Layton at home, I'm learning how to squeeze in chores and errands whenever I can, and Terrell and I are tag teaming like pros. =)  The adjustment to mama working full time is going to take a toll but we're going to survive it. I'm covering it all in prayer and trusting this is God's plan and His plan is always best. 

We are looking forward to a great weekend that kicks off with a special date tonight! Happy Friday!!

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