Thursday, March 9, 2017

Selph Family Facts & 'Fessionals

I decided to make a running list of facts and 'fessionals about our fam. I thought it would be fun to document all of our little quirks and things people may not know about us. Some are fun, some random, some weird, but all are us. =) 

The Selph 5 Facts & 'Fessionals.... 

*We don't drink coffee. (Gasp! We don't even own a coffee pot.)

*Terrell cuts his own hair... with my help.

*We haven't had an actual baby-sitter, who is not a family member, for our kids since Garrison was a baby and we lived in Covington and needed a "nanny" to keep him at our house for my last few weeks of the school year. She was a college student and wonderful but she's been our first and only "sitter". 

*Our boys have never slept in the bed with us. Ever. 

*Most people are shocked by this but they actually aren't allowed to leave their rooms without permission. We started a "rule" of not getting out of your bed when they transitioned to a big boy bed and as they've gotten older it's now become a "don't leave your room without permission" rule. It's mainly for the weekends and helps insure we get to sleep as late as possible, but since we've always done it this way it's always worked and been good for us. 

*We don't do a load of laundry a day. We don't really have consistent pattern... a load today, skip 2 days, then 2 loads, skip another day, etc. However, once I start working full time we may have to attempt a load a day. 

*Our boys are all morning people so far. They wake up easily and in good moods 95% of the time. Yay.

*Terrell and I share almost ALL household chores. He helps clean up the kitchen every night, does just as much laundry as me, de-clutters when we need it, cleans showers, tubs, and toilets as those are my least favorite chores, and is always willing to do anything extra I need him to do. When I'm home I do most of the bathrooms (minus showers and toilets), dusting, and vacuuming but other than that everything is shared around here. Oh how I love and appreciate him!

*Household chores are shared but outside work is not. I don't do yard work. Ha! I've helped with things here and there in the past but overall I stay clear. For one thing, I've always had terrible allergies and they are just now under control so I've never been able to be outside around the grass, flowers, trees, etc in the Spring without being pretty miserable. For another thing, I don't like being hot. I'm a wimp when it comes to hot weather. Being cold isn't pleasant but if I had to choose I'd rather be cold. Annnd, for another thing, I've just never cared for yard work and the great outdoors. (My mom and Granny are wondering where my genes came from and how I ended up this way. Hahaha!)

*Terrell stays up about 2 hours later than me every single night. Shortly after getting married we accepted that we'd always have different bedtimes. He's a night owl and I'm an early bird.

*We have been meal planning and menu writing together every single week since before Garrison was born. I'm estimating 9-10 years. That's a lot of weekly menus. =)

*We all sleep with some kind of white noise... the big boys have a floor fan in their room and Layton has a sound machine. And we have the monitor which serves as our white noise. How did I ever sleep in the total quiet before?

*I'm the only member of my family who LOVES going out to eat. Unless we're going out with grandparents or other family, the boys would typically choose to eat at home if they had the choice, and Terrell doesn't care for it because it can be a little stressful with the kiddos. Plus expensive. While I'd never want to eat out every night or even every other night, I appreciate being cooked for, waited on, cleaned up after, and not having to cook and clean at home too much not to enjoy and really appreciate eating out. =)

*Bread and sweets are my weakness. Major weakness. Ahhhhhh. Why do they tempt me so!?!

*We prefer lamps to overhead lights. Or at least I do... and my family has never objected. The first thing I do when I'm done in the kitchen every evening is turn off lights and turn on lamps. It's also the first thing I do in my bedroom. I just like the soft glow and coziness of lamps. 

*We got a new mattress! We decided to give Layton our mattress (which we're estimating to be around 20 years old) and we got a new one. Given our budget and our research we nervously went with a memory foam and I think it's safe to say we LOVE it and may never look back. It took us a few nights to get used to it but it is the best, most comfy, most sleep-inviting thing ever! We are super, super happy with it. 

*Terrell never eats breakfast. He might grab a snack mid-morning but so do I. And I have to eat breakfast. I can't wake up and not eat. It's essential to eat something for breakfast! He's weird. Ha.

*I drive a suburban and have no desire to down-size. Ever. I'm not saying never, I just love my big, spacious, roomy, comfy bus. I can't imagine driving anything smaller. 

*We've been on one cruise (before kids) and it wasn't our favorite. It wasn't bad, we still enjoyed ourselves for the most part and made the best of it, it just wasn't for us. 

*I need to wear a watch every time I leave my house. It's a must-have. Terrell has never really worn a watch. (Garrison wears a watch and a fit bit on the same wrist. #awesomeness)

*The Selph 5 are beach people. We looove the beach. But we prefer the beach in the summer. I'm sure we'd still enjoy it during other seasons, but summer is the absolute BEST time to experience the beach. (In our opinion of course... I know some would argue with me on this, ha)

*We yell at our house. Sometimes to be heard, sometimes to get attention, sometimes in anger, sometimes in frustration, and sometimes in joy. We just have a loud household. 

*My new favorite make-up product is eye shadow primer potion by Urban Decay. It works wonders! I got it for Christmas and love it. My eye shadow stays on all day long and I don't come home from work anymore with tired, weak, or smeared eyes. 

*We still have a room in our house we don't ever use. The door is closed and we rarely, rarely go in there. It's our 2nd bathroom upstairs... otherwise known as the purple bathroom. Haha. The boys all use the bathroom in the big boy room and the purple bathroom needs painting and decorating before it's ready to be used so we just keep the door closed and rarely use it. We'll get to it eventually.

*I don't watch the news. It's not that I want to be ignorant of things or indifferent, I just don't want to see and hear all the negative, all the arguing, all the issues. My trust is in Jesus and that's what I want my focus to stay on. Terrell watches it sometimes after I'm in bed and he keeps me pretty informed.

*I've lost my desire to go to Disney. Too expensive, too much work, too much of a headache, too much of everything. The thought overwhelms me. A kid-friendly resort though? YES. We are hoping to go to one of those one day and truly experience a vacation that's also super special. 

*And last but not least, while we love our family outings and the special things we do away from home, I think it's safe to say that as a whole, we are home bodies. We like being together and we like being home. Too much time away is exhausting and too many plans are stressful... so it isn't our thing to be busy and away all the time. Now we can't stay in the house for long without needing to at least get outdoors, and I can't stress enough how much we LOVE our family vacations and family outings, and we may even "do" and "go" more and more as our budget allows, but, for now, I think our favorite place to be is home and together. =)

I know there's probably lots more facts and 'fessionals I could've shared but these are all I could think over the span of this week. I know some of these will change over the years and some won't but they make me smile because they're unique to us. =)

Happy Friday Eve!!

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