Monday, March 6, 2017

Friday Favorites on Monday: Last Week was Crazy Edition

Sooo, last week turned out super crazy. Hence a Monday morning version of Friday Favorites... 

Let's see, we had a strep diagnosis, some not so fun side effects to the antibiotics... which we now believe may have been a stomach bug, an actual and for sure stomach bug, a combined 5 days of missed school, mama working, mama tutoring, a frigid and late night of baseball, a late, LATE night of cleaning up and washing everything in sight, some up and down "moments" (mainly by me) thanks to all of the unexpected that occurred during our week back to school.... and all the while we were *attempting* to get back into the swing of things. Phew! It wasn't a fun week and it definitely wasn't what we were expecting in our week back, but thankfully it only amounted to crazy. And crazy is something we can survive! We were especially grateful our weekend was pretty wonderful. Yay. =)

Here's a few of my favorite moments from our week of crazy...

*Baseball practice was cancelled Monday night due to rain and we SO enjoyed the break. Or maybe that was just me. Ha. After working all day, plus a doctor's visit for Austin, mama was SPENT. I was so thankful to have the night at home. We even got in a game of Hungry Hippo before bed. =)

*Tuesday Austin stayed home from school and me and my littles went out for a little shopping. With Spring fast approaching... and working full time on the horizon, I had to get in a quick shopping trip to spend some Christmas money ASAP.

*We only went to one store because this is where I find almost 100% of my clothes and as soon as we made it back to the petite section Layton said, Mama, dat is a MOM (referring the the mannequin)  Hahahaha! Then, Austin asked for me to take their picture with them! I laughed so hard! Thankfully we were the only customers in the store that early. Haha!! 

*We survived our shopping without any major issues so the boys got to ride the Cat in the Hat ride right outside the store before we left. =)

*Tuesday is our night off and for the first time ever the boys all took a bubble bath together! 

*They loved it. =)

*Wednesday morning my mom sent me and Anna this picture of our babies watching Mickey Mouse together. Mickey is pretty famous to these 2. =)

*Another Game Night with Don't Break the Ice! #concentrationmode

*On Thursday I was able to eat lunch with my biggest at school and we had the best little lunch break together. This was a day that Austin couldn't go to school but I had to work so his 2 little brothers got to stay with Nana and go out to breakfast and get a little special treatment that left Garrison feeling pretty bummed. But our lunch date was super special and turned out to be the perfect remedy. =) 

(Thursday night is when our crazy week got CRAZY. Garrison woke up sick around 11:20 and Terrell and I were up for the next 2 hours cleaning, washing, and taking care of our sick baby. Thankfully he was asleep and past it all by about 1:45 Friday morning and I made it back to bed around 3:45, but Friday was rough. We were sleep deprived, Terrell went into work for a little over half a day, Garrison was weak and unable to play or eat much, while Austin was mourning the fact that Garrison couldn't play and Layton was just left to practically fend for himself. It was as pleasant as you can imagine. BUT, eventually everyone perked up and I actually made it to my girls night with my besties. And let me tell you I needed that break and girl time! We had the best time ever as always. Maybe one day we'll take a selfie to document. =))

*Friday afternoon once Terrell came to my rescue (because I had a meeting at school and because he felt sorry for me and is pretty wonderful), he organized our pantry! I love him so. He's a puzzle guy and always does the best job loading the dishwasher and packing , etc and he's now officially in charge of pantry organization. Our "walk in"/closet style pantry is located in our laundry room and isn't practical except for things we stock up on or don't have room for in our cabinet pantry. Plus we use that closet as a craft and game closet. So we have to get creative with our smaller pantry. And this is perfect. Terrell Selph is officially hired! =)

*Saturday afternoon we went on another family walk and Layton rode his little balance bike for the whole mile. We love our family walks together!

*Terrell put Layton to bed on Saturday night and sent a group text to our families with this picture letting us know that he got to read books with Optimus Prime before bed. Haha!

Last week was SUPER crazy but even in the midst of cleaning up throw up into the wee hours of Friday morning I was reminded of my blessings. I literally thought to myself, there's no one else I'd rather be doing this with. I am so thankful for my husband and my family. We have lots of tough days, lots of days that are exhausting or trying or hard to enjoy, but God's grace is so abundant gratitude really is possible. Thank you Jesus for JOY. 

We are hoping for a much more calm and normal week this week! Have a great Monday!

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