Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Layton's Birthday Outing!

We FINALLY got around to Layton's birthday outing over the weekend! Almost 2 months after his actual birthday.... but we made it happen and our baby boy was thrilled!! 

We had the best time together and it confirmed for me once again my LOVE for this tradition. =)

A little back story just for my memory...Around the 1st of the year when we started party planning for our February birthday boys we decided on Snow Mountain for Garrison and Six Flags for Layton. Layton was a big fan when we went before Christmas and since we have season passes this year we decided it'd be perfect. So we kept the special outings a surprise and one day out of the blue around Layton's birthday he started talking about going to Six Flags. And he basically never stopped. He asked about it almost daily. So it turned out to be the perfect choice for him because he'd been begging to go for weeks and weeks! And now he can't wait to go back! =)

Six Flags bound!

We arrived right when they opened at 10:30 and let Layton choose the first ride of the day. He chose the choo choo train... but of course it was 10 minutes away... so we watched daddy and Garrison ride the mine train while we waited. =)

Then we were ready for the choo choo. Layton chose a front row seat and loved every second!  

Then we made our way to Boom Town for Layton's choice of rides. 

While were there we even rode a fun roller coaster together as a family. Layton's first! 

And the old fashioned cars (as we call them) are a huge family favorite! We never get tired of these. 

I laughed so hard while Austin drove me around. We enjoyed a wild ride. Ha!

Once we were all starving and ready for lunch we went back to the car for a picnic in the air conditioning. It was the perfect little break for us to cool off and fill up before setting out for the afternoon. 

The first thing we did after going back into the park was ride the Logs! So. Much. Fun! I rode with Garrison and Layton and we all loved it. You get splashed but not soaked and it's just a really fun ride for any age. Austin and Terrell rode together and they loved it too. Austin isn't a thrill seeker so we weren't sure what he'd think but the Logs are officially another family favorite now. =)

Austin and Layton started tiring out pretty fast in the afternoon but we managed to fit in a few more rides together before calling it a day.

And we had to go back and ride the old fashioned cars one more time. This time I rode in the backseat while Garrison and Austin were my chauffeurs. Austin had the wheel and Garrison had the pedal. It was another wild ride for me. Hahaha.

And this time Layton got a turn to drive! I think daddy was in for a wild ride himself!

My littles were sooo worn out so we decided to make our way back to the car while Terrell and Garrison rode the Mind Bender. On our way out we ran into these guys and stopped for a picture.

And Garrison ran into some characters on his way out too!

We had the best day together and loved finally giving Layton his birthday outing! We were SPENT afterwards.... tired, hot, sweaty, and gross. And you know you're getting old when you have to take some Tylenol as soon as you get home from Six Flags. Haha. The memories we made, the laughs we shared, and the fun we had were all so priceless and worth every ache and pain. And headache. Ha. 

We can't wait to go back again! Happy 3rd birthday Layton Thomas!! 

***And Happy Birthday today to my wonderful mama and my boys' amazing Granna! We love you and hope you have a GREAT day!!!

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