Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

Well I am officially sleep walking this Friday morning. So worn out, barely going, ready to fall over from exhaustion TIRED. The week before Spring Break must have been an adrenaline rush or a burst of it's almost Spring Break energy, because this week has kicked my behind. I haven't slept that well and we've had something every single evening this week. I haven't been this bone-weary tired in a looong time. Mama is spent. 

But I'm so thankful for this weekend (even though it's a full one) and what it means. Good Friday is the day Jesus died for me (and you!) and Sunday is the day He conquered death and was raised to life again. Easter means so much more to me every single year. 

Here's a quick look at my favorites from the week...

*On Monday Layton was Granna's gardening helper! He LOVED planting with her and Piper. =) Later that night before taking a bath he told me out of the blue I had fun with Granna today. It was the sweetest.

*The post-homework, pre-supper and practice down time is my favorite and needed for everybody.

*Garrison had 2 late practices in a row this week which meant I had extra time with these 2 before bed. Books in bed are always a favorite!

*Layton got to go to an Easter-themed Story Time at the library with Nana this week. =) I'm so thankful for how well he's taken care of while I'm working. The very next morning he asked to stay home and it broke my heart. But thankfully all was well once he got to Granna's and he had a great day. Working full time is a big adjustment for me and my little man. Sigh. We've been together almost all day every day for 3 years so it's taking us some getting used to for sure.

*Pop the Pig for our Game Night this week while daddy and Garrison were practicing. After 4 games, Layton won twice and then Austin won twice. #couldn'thaveplanneditbettermyself

*Garrison brought home this story this week and it cracked me up. How does he come up with this stuff? Ha! (EX's and Megas are Pokemon by the way) 

*Austin also came home with his St Patrick's Day work that had been hanging in the hall. Clearly Pokemon is a big deal around here. Haha! At least his family made it on the paper too!

Favorite Not-Pictured Moments: Austin had a late game last night and I stayed to watch the first inning before bringing Garrison and Layton home so they could get in bed at a decent time and I was able to see Austin slide into home plate SAFE in a thrilling play!! The crowd went wild! It was awesome. =) Then, last night my biggest and my baby slept together in Layton's bed. Their first sleepover just the 2 of them. =)

This weekend we are looking forward to celebrating Easter! And hopefully extra REST! Have a great Easter weekend celebrating our Risen Savior!

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