Thursday, April 6, 2017

Another Spring Break Adventure

We kicked off Spring Break with Layton's birthday outing to Six Flags and on Tuesday we set off for another adventure! 

Terrell took the day off on Tuesday because of it having the best weather forecast and we took the boys to Stone Mountain. It was another day full of family fun. We've enjoyed our Spring Break lots!!

The first thing we did after arriving Tuesday morning was to ride to the top of the mountain. So fun! We loved the view and the ride up. =)

The top of the mountain! We took the big boys back in 2014 (Layton was only 3 months old so he didn't make the trip with us) and we had a great time. So we enjoyed being back after almost 3 years. Plus including Layton in the fun and having everybody together was the best!

Love this guy and the way he loves his family!!

My babies and the sky. =) We had beautiful weather and were so thankful we decided to go on Tuesday. The weather this week has been super crazy and unpredictable. 

Flashback to 2014 on top of the mountain.... =)

After making our way down... which was a much more thrilling ride than I remembered, haha... we decided on putt putt golf. Terrell and I didn't play since it was crowded and there was a family behind us, but the boys loved it. Garrison even made some great putts! 

It was a fun course with an up close view of the train. =)

Layton took some shots with help...

And some by himself too. We all enjoyed the golf game. =)

Once we finished hole 18 we jumped on the train before it left! It was a really relaxing ride. I think it made us all sleepy. It's much longer than the train ride at Six Flags and it was breezy and nice. Of course the boys started complaining about halfway through because they were starving and ready for it to be over. Haha.

It was about 1:00 once we got off the train so we went to the car for lunch. We decided on the same plan from our day at Six Flags and packed lunches for everybody to eat in the air conditioned car... with their movie playing. =) The perfect lunch break!

After lunch we went back for the new "Dinosaur Explore" exhibit. This was probably my favorite part of the whole day. It was was like a mini Jurassic Park. 

The dinosaurs were all real life size, they all moved, made noises, blinked their eyes, opened their mouths, etc. The whole exhibit was set up like a zoo, complete with facts and information displayed, but with dinosaurs! It was a huge favorite for the whole fam!

The Brachiosaurus was my favorite! It was HUGE... and "eating" leaves off the trees. =)

The infamous T-Rex. =)

My own little dinosaurs. =) Layton was super hesitant about getting inside the egg. The one in the background had a baby dinosaur that popped up and down and Layton thought there was one inside all the eggs. Haha. #thepicturethatalmostwasn't

We went to the "Dinotorium"/Great Barn after the exhibit and the boys played and had a ball while we tried to keep eyes on them. We stayed there for a while because they were having such a great time and then we made our way to the "Sky Height" area.

I wasn't a fan of us doing this because I knew Garrison would be the only one tall enough to participate in the high ropes course... and it was crowded.... and Austin and Layton both would have to be entertained for a quite some time while we waited. But, come to find out, the "Sky Height" was by reservation only and the earliest time available was like 6:20... way past when we would be there. So the nice Stone Mountain girl told us about the smaller course for any age located behind the big one. And it was perfect for all 3 boys! 

Layton needed help to go through it but the big boys flew through every course and did it like 20 times or more. Ha. They all loved it. 

We didn't even know it was there and were getting ready to call it a day. 

I think this turned out to be the best wrap up to our day because they all loved it so much and could be active and move and really tire out before we left. =)

We had the best day together and loved our 2nd Spring Break adventure of the week!

We decided to leave Stone Mountain and head to Covington for supper. Our home for almost 8 years. We avoided rush hour traffic in and around Atlanta and instead visited our old stomping ground and some of our most favorite places. We checked on our old house, rode around the square, checked out Terrell's old bank, and then ate at one of our favorite restaurant's there, Stevi B's!! 

It was pretty cool being back at our old "home". We missed some things and definitely felt some nostalgia, but we were mostly grateful for our time there and our move HERE. Covington will always be special to us. We made some wonderful memories there and became a family of 3, then 4, then 5 all while living there. It's a wonderful town full of some great people and it was always good to us. But, we wore out Highway 36 to Barnesville enough. We don't miss the drive, don't miss the packing and traveling, and definitely don't miss the time away from family, the stress of holidays and missing out, and not having our village close by. So thankful for our time there and God's plan to move us back here. He is so faithful and our trip down memory lane reminded us of His faithfulness in a big way. 

We had a GREAT day start to finish. Yay for Spring Break memories!! Hopefully I'll have a full recap next week. I'm taking tomorrow off. =) Happy Thursday!

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