Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break 2017

Spring Break 2017 was pretty amazing. Way better than last year since I wasn't recovering from surgery and out of commission all week. =) I am so thankful for the extra fun and time together we enjoyed. It was definitely one of my favorites. 

We kicked off the break with baseball games on Saturday morning. Both boys' teams won big and I finally got a picture of Garrison during his game! The season wears me out but I sure do love watching them play.

Then on Saturday night we went out to eat with the whole fam to celebrate my mom's birthday. We had so much fun and laughed hard throughout the whole night!

Birthday celebrations are our favorite. =)

On Sunday we went to Six Flags for Layton's birthday outing and had a blast. He is still talking about our trip. Haha. 

Monday was our lazy day at home. We slept in a little, it rained all day, and the boys made messes in every single room. They played together so well I couldn't complain. It was the perfect stay at home day.

We also read almost every single one of our Easter books. =)

On Tuesday we were off for another day of family fun at Stone Mountain. Our 2 Spring Break outings were the best. We had perfect weather and so much fun. 

Wednesday we made a quick trip to Thomaston to take Bailey to the groomer and eat lunch with daddy before the storms came in. The boys were wild and made me crazy but we enjoyed our lunch date and are thankful for our safe trip and God's protection during the storms!

We had a peaceful rest time Wednesday afternoon while mama kept an eye on the weather. Thankfully we never had a tornado or any damaging winds. 

The threat for hail was so significant that we even managed to fit our huge car under the garage. Hahaha. 

The boys enjoyed a few games of Mouse Trap while I cooked supper... 

And before bed we watched the first few innings of our first Braves game of the season. Of course watching baseball turned into playing baseball. Ha.  

On Thursday the boys got haircuts (so handsome!) and then I spent the whole day cleaning the house and doing laundry. Cleaning my whole house is a JOB but I got it done. Fighting was at an all time high and we had some super rough stretches, BUT, at the end of the day the house was clean and we were all in one piece. Phew.

The boys actually spent the night with Terrell's parents Thursday night so we used a gift card from Christmas for a date night. Mama needed a date after the tough day we had. Thankfully they behaved for Nana and Pops. They also got to enjoy a surprise trip to Sky Zone on Friday while I did all of our Easter shopping in peace. =)

They made friends with one of the owners and he spent a lot of time playing with them. They apparently loved him. (And you can see the admiration on Layton's face. I am still cracking up. #rolemodel) 

They came home Friday afternoon and we had a low key Friday night with a good movie and early bedtimes. =)

Saturday I didn't take a single picture. We slept in, did laundry, Terrell worked in the yard, the boys and I ran a couple of errands, I bought groceries while the boys played outside, and then Saturday afternoon we took them to one of our favorite parks before we had a family date night at Chick fil A. It was a pretty great Saturday.

Sunday after church Layton took a short nap and then we let them play outside the whole afternoon. They loved soaking up the sunshine and had the best time. 

I made lunches for the week and did all of my school prep while they jumped and played trampoline basketball. 

Then last night we went back to church for our Easter musical, Peace Through the Blood. SO good and such a special treat for Palm Sunday. For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross. Colossians 1:19-20

We had a really amazing Spring Break. It was a little tough on all of us last night to wrap up our break and time off and being together almost constantly, but we know we're now officially on countdown to SUMMER! I'm praying my family and I can all handle these next 7 weeks with confidence and ease. If I'm being honest, a lot of the worries and concerns I had when I first found out about going back to work full time have returned. I'm nervous and a little anxious this morning, but I'm trusting in His plan and thankful for His provisions. And Holy Week is upon us! As believers this is a time of reflection, rejoicing, hope, and joy. So thankful I serve a RISEN Savior! 

Happy Monday and Happy Easter Week!!

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