Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 was a fun one!! It was different being on a school day/night but we still made the most of it and enjoyed our traditions lots. And this is possibly the 439th time I've said this but I am so thankful to be HOME! Our 3rd Halloween since moving back was fun, sweet, memory-filled, and special.

After taking the big boys to school Layton and I settled in for a few Halloween activities. Except the terrible 2s came out and little man wasn't feeling what mama had planned, ha, so we decided on watching Spookley first. =) 

We made it through bits and pieces at a time and I so enjoyed him just hanging out in my lap.

Later in the morning we got around to the little Halloween activities I had planned. We started with dot markers (his favorite!!) and completed a little alphabet pumpkin. He had to find and dot the letters on the pumpkin as I called them out in order. This was super simple for me to throw together and he loved it. 

Then we practiced counting pumpkins, fake leaves, and anything else he was interested in from his Fall sensory bin. He has rote counting to 13 down, but counting objects is a little more challenging so this was great practice for him. We also did some ordering and comparing just because before heading back to watch more Spookley. =) We had a fun morning together once we got past the early morning meltdown. 

Monday afternoon was challenging. I won't go into details except to say that bad moods ran rampant and it wasn't pretty. I was super disappointed at first because it's HALLOWEEN. WHY AREN'T WE EXCITED AND HAPPY AND SWEET LITTLE ANGELS RIGHT NOW?! Sigh. Thankfully we survived and put it all behind us. Gracious. 

We arrived at my parents' house at 5:30 and had the most fun and festive pre-Trick or Treat meal with Anna and her fam and Terrell's parents!! Obviously I know where I get my festive spirit from. My mom's decor and fun meal was the best! #lovelanguage She had another festive table for the kids but the picture I made blurred and didn't turn out. We had BBQ and all the fixins' and everything was so good. I just LOVE our pre-game meal every year. =)

Once the kiddos finished eating and I rushed to catch up with them, it was time to get everyone in costumes. This was a total workout and super crazy for us being out-numbered, but once we finally had costumes secured I was beside myself at the cuteness. My little Power Rangers were adorable!!! Plus cool. =) I don't think adorable is what my big boys were going for. Hahaha. But I seriously could hardly handle the cuteness!! When we emerged to show off costumes we also got to see Minnie Mouse making her Halloween debut! Squeal!!!

These are the pics my dad got of all the grandkids coming into the dining room...

#powerrangers #minniemouse #somuchcuteness!!

We quickly made our way outside for our traditional pictures in front of Granna and Papa's Fall display. 

The coolest, most adorable, most loved Power Rangers ever!

The group just got even cuter!!

Minnie was super curious about those Power Rangers. Hahaha!

I can't even. #allthehearteyes

After getting tons of pictures, the boys and I loaded up in the back of the car and set out for Trick or Treating!! 

Terrell drove us around and Granna and Nana tagged along too. 

We had so much fun! I got a work out trying to keep up with everybody! Ha. Something funny that happened at our very first house was Layton declaring I WANT GO IN. Loudly. After he was given candy. Hahaha! Guess he wanted to visit a while. 

He also decided to help himself to more candy... more than once... after they'd already put candy in his pumpkin. #atadembarrassing

They totally hit the jack pot with candy this year! And I think we've discovered our favorite houses now too. =)

Once we finally made it back to our house the boys were able to give out candy to a handful of trick or treaters before things slowed down and we called it a night. They were a little disappointed they couldn't give out more candy but I think a Monday night meant we had a little less of a crowd in our neighborhood and people wrapped it up earlier than normal. Next year we're planning to visit our favorite houses and then get back home earlier. Plus buy less candy. Ha! We are swimming in it over here. SWIMMING. We've never had this much! I'm seriously going to research freezing it and saving it because otherwise a ton will be wasted. 

We wrapped up our Halloween on the couch watching the Hawks... while almost falling asleep sitting up. =) We got the boys in bed around 8:30 and everyone was asleep before 9:00. Halloween success!

We enjoyed our traditions so much again this year and LOVE celebrating the fun with our families. Halloween 2016 was filled with good food, laughter, tons of candy, racing door to door, cruising through the neighborhood, more laughter, and a little craziness. It was pretty awesome. And my big boys are already talking about what they want to be next year. =) 

Happy November!

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