Wednesday, November 9, 2016

In the Books

Soccer 2016 is officially in the books!! 

And so is Election 2016. Well almost. YAY. Sooo tired this morning but praying for our nation and our new President and leadership as we move forward!!

While this season tested me and my commitment to the game (haha) lots, my big boys loved every second of their respective seasons. Both boys enjoyed undefeated seasons and both were leaders on their teams. I thought practices might do me in and declared myself over it at least once to Terrell, but watching my babies play a game they loved almost every single Saturday morning this Fall? Definitely, without a doubt, for sure worth it.

This kid played center back/middle/sweeper/my old position!! the majority of the season and did awesome at his new position. He defended, he scored, he fought, and he gave every game his all. Watching him play is just a blessing. It sounds sort of cheesy but his competitive drive is just amazing to watch and he is so confident on the soccer field. I enjoyed watching him play so much.

And this kid was his team's leading scorer and leading defender. He was all over the field every single game, fast and strategic in his play and just so fun to watch. He played hard and he celebrated hard. Haha. He made me smile and laugh every single game because of his enthusiasm, determination, and love of the game... and scoring... and winning. =) 

This kid... well he just tagged along and hung out and was along for the ride. He practiced and even occasionally warmed up with the team, or anyone who would pass the soccer ball with him, and honestly thought he was as big as his brothers. At the beginning of the season when it was super hot he got tired and moody (read HIGH MAINTENANCE) during the games easily, but as the season went on he became a better and better fan and enjoyed himself more and more. This super fan made the games even more exciting and fun (or not so fun, ha) all season long.

Garrison is always torn about leaving each sport he plays at the end of the season to play a different one, but soccer is something he loves and I think we'll keep coming back to it for a while. 

And Austin just loves whatever he does and always gives 100%. He may be one of the smallest but he's the toughest and most determined without a doubt. 

The sidelines with Layton was never dull but I'm enjoying my littlest fan being on the sidelines while I can because he will be playing before we know it!

LOVED our team! 

And this one! The boys were blessed with great teammates and awesome friends on both their teams.

Terrell's first year coaching soccer was a great one. I may be biased but I think he has a gift for coaching and working with kids. He's definitely my favorite coach ever. =)

Every sports season is a big commitment and comes with its fair share of challenges. We had lots of late nights, we got tired, Terrell and I got a little burn out at the end of the season, we raced around like crazy on soccer nights, and we struggled trying to figure out what to feed everybody (and when!). But despite all the craziness and little sacrifices that came with the season, watching our boys play was the biggest blessing and so much fun. The season was a commitment for sure, but it was also filled with priceless memories. Something I have to remind myself of when I'm "in the trenches" mid-season! 

Soccer 2016 did not disappoint. The Selph boys loved their teammates, loved practicing, loved playing, and loved winning. They've both experienced winning seasons and losing seasons and this was a fun one full of nothing but wins. So proud of them and their hard work, competitiveness, and willingness to be coached and get better.


Now, time for a break.  Bring on the off season!! =)

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