Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Selph Family Christmas Tree!

On the day after Thanksgiving, the Selph 5, along with Granna and Papa set out to find a real, live Christmas tree. It's a fun adventure that we almost always enjoy. Almost. =) It can be hot or freezing, fast or slow... but mostly slow, exciting or boring, fun or not. Hahaha. But no matter what I think we always love and appreciate the memories we create!

On last Friday the weather was warm and the boys were pumped. They are always sooo excited until we actually get there and they get bored or hot or tired of walking. =)

Austin spotted this tree right away and thought it was pretty special. It could've been our very own Charlie Brown tree. 


Austin was also pretty entertained by swinging branches around like a bat. Ha.

You can't tell from our pictures but the tree farm was super crowded... so when my parents found one they liked right away, they made a final decision in record time and chopped it down within the first 5 minutes. #fastestChristmastreefindever

So then the pressure was on.... and despite by indecisiveness, Terrell and I found one quickly too!! Not within 5 minutes but super fast for us! And this year the boys approved!! So we knew it was a keeper and went for it. Yay.

Us and our tree!

The big boys were proud assisters of daddy and we had possibly our most successful experience ever at the tree farm. It was fun and easy and kid approved. =)

The boys drank hot chocolate, played on the playground, and this one posed by the tractor before we left. We had a great afternoon. 

Of course things didn't go perfectly smooth once we got our tree home because that has never happened in the history of our marriage and cutting down on our own tree... SIGH. But, with the help of my parents, we finally got it secured in the stand........ and it's still standing!! Last year was a bit of a fiasco but everything eventually turned out okay. This year we've had a different kind of adventure. The tree has been great but our lights have let us down. Ugh. Oh well. #Memories!! Haha. 

Friday night Terrell and I got the lights on...Terrell went and bought more lights... we threw away lights.... we bought more lights, and then finally on Saturday morning our boys were ready to decorate!

They are always soo excited about this tradition! 

Thankfully we've finally discovered a safe system that works for everybody. Terrell prepares the ornaments and then the boys and I hang them. I typically get the final say and always hang a few super special ones myself in certain spots. But overall it's a group effort and we work together. I do have to go behind them every now and then but for the most part they do great.

We had such a fun morning and loved pulling out all of our ornaments. The main colors in my tree are red and silver but it's also just a hodgepodge of a little bit of everything. So many of our ornaments hold special memories or meaning and lots were picked out for us or given to us from various places or for the kids or just because they were gorgeous and would match my red and silver color scheme.  

And here you have it! We love it and are enjoying it so much!! The Selph Family Christmas Tree turned out beautiful and is pretty special to us. 

Even though the lights have given us some trouble (again, boo) we're so thankful we get to enjoy this beautiful tree full of special ornaments all season long. =)

Now for wrapping presents!!

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Kristi Griedl said...

Your boys are such dolls! Love your tree :)